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OpenIndiana and the illumos developers typically use a standard set of open source or free development tools for compiling and debugging software.


Apptracetool to monitor and review application calls to shared libraries
Binutilscollection of binary tools containing the assember (as) and linker (ld)
GCCC/C++ compiler
GDBC/C++ code Debugger
DTracetool for analyzing and debugging kernel and application problems
NetBeansIDE used for code debugging and profiling
Valgrindtools to profile applications for memory issues and system calls.

Preferred version of GCC to use when porting C/C++ software and building illumos-gate (OI has patched GCC packages).

GCC VersionConfigurationTestingCaveats
6.4.0 /usr/gcc/6 libdir(thumbs up)Patched. Tested with illumos kernel.
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