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Developer Meetings

Developer meetings used to be regular meetings held by the OpenIndiana developers intended to keep all developers up to date, to discuss and make decisions regarding the OpenIndiana distribution, and more generally to facilitate coordination and cooperation within the OpenIndiana project. These days, meetings are summoned more ad-hoc and most discussion has moved towards the mailing lists.

Time: as required

Location: #oi-meeting IRC channel

Logs of past meeting:

Meetings are managed with a MeetBot - see for full set of commands. Popular ones are: #topic #info #agreed #action #link

More human readable meeting logs might be written after the meeting, to help open the meeting results to the wider community. One example (for 24th May) is here.

Next Meeting

None scheduled


To be defined:

  1. Define meeting agenda.


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1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    Why are you announcing weekly meetings when they are not even monthly?

    Main problem is the feeling, nobody cares about correctness of pages.
    Please keep us and your pages more up to date.