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Welcome to the GNOME 2.32.1 Desktop Environment, a popular multi-platform desktop environment for your computer. GNOME's focus is ease of use, stability, and first-class internationalization and accessibility support. GNOME is Free and Open Source Software and provides all of the common tools computer users expect of a modern computing environment, such as email, groupware, web browsing, file management, multimedia, and games. Furthermore, GNOME provides a flexible and powerful platform for software developers, both on the desktop and in mobile applications..

This page is to track our integration progress to the GNOME 2.32.1 desktop environment.

Integration team:

  • Alexander Pyhalov
  • Ken Mays


Customize your desktop with:


Special Thanks to:

  • Milan Jurik
  • Andrzej Szeszo
  • Guido Berhoerster
  • Jon Tibble
  • the Java Desktop System (JDS) team
  • and the OpenIndiana Project supporters and sponsors @ EveryCity


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  1. Not to be critical, but why bother with updating Gnome 2.xx when Gnome 3 is available?

    1. Gnome 3 is hardly possible without a big crowd of active developers. Gnome 2.32 has much more chances, as it's closer to what we have. Even Gnome 2.32 is not trivial as, for example, it dropped HAL support for some components. I think that Mate has much more chances on OI than Gnome 3. However, even it is hardly possible in current situation.


    2. Also, we wanted to get a 'fully functional' GNOME 2.32.x based build for OI.

      Higher-level desktop distros like Tribblix and Sonicle's XStream Desktop support GNOME3, LXDE, Xfce, Enlightment, KDE and many others.



      1. Are you sure about GNOME 3?

        1. Yes. We have Xfce 4.10.1, Sugar 0.96.1, and GNOME 3.4.2 in OI-SFE. GNOME 2.32.1 is the core OS focus to support recent and legacy apps

          across all illumos-based/OpenSolaris-based desktop distros.