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Deprecation Notice.

Page retired and any relevant content migrated to new docs site:


It has been mentioned that once people get into the OpenIndiana/illumos/OpenSolaris/Solaris world they start speaking a language foreign to everyone else. If you read a term on one of our sites, in one of our mailing lists or have it thrust upon you in IRC then comment the term on this page and we will add it to the list with an explanation. Explanations will hopefully be in plain English.




The code name for the audio driver framework used by OpenIndiana. Its application interface is Open Sound System (OSS) 4 compatible.


Common Build Environment. A set of build tools required to build JDS on Solaris and OpenIndiana.


A collection of related software which has the scope of a project, historically developed by a dedicated team. OpenIndiana is composed of many consolidations.


Internationalisation and localisation consolidation. 


A community maintained derivative of the OpenSolaris ON source.


Formerly "Java Desktop System", the desktop consolidation for Solaris which includes GNOME. Sometimes referred to as OpenSolaris Desktop.


See OS/Net


The name of the consolidation which contains core Solaris operating system components, including the kernel, drivers, and basic userland.


Spec Files Extra. A repository of RPM-like spec files for building Solaris SVR4 packages.


Solaris FreeWare consolidation. A collection of externally developed open source software delivered in Solaris.


The X-Windows consolidation.

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