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Q4 2011


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  1. OpenIndiana can only be summed up as dead?  The stable release was supposed to happen in Q4 2011 and it has been nearly 9 months since the last development release!

    It was a sad, sad day when Sun Microsystems was sold to Oracle.  Only Jonathon Schwartz can be blamed for his bungling, such as paying billions for MySQL and his on again/off again approach to Solaris on x86.  It was a mistake having him lead the company.

    Be that as it may, we are now left with the pieces, and there isn't any viable alternative to OpenSolaris.  The OpenIndiana fork is for all intents and purposes a dead project, and the others that formed around OpenIdiana (Schillix, etc) are using Linux userlands or are not relevant.

    A month ago I chatted online with an Oracle sales rep and asked if I purchased the DVD if I had license to run my commercial websites in a production and the answer was yes.  Wanting verification, I chatted with another sales rep who didn't know and gave me a phone number.  That sales agent couldn't help me and gave me another number.  I was transferred to 4 different sales reps who couldn't answer my question.  The last sales rep gave me an email address to a sales team he said could answer.  They responded and said it wasn't their realm and gave me a phone number - of the guy who gave me their email address!

    So nobody at Oracle can tell me if I purchase their $75 DVD set If I am entitled to run my commercial websites on Solaris 10.  Even though I mentioned the note on the purchase page says you don't have a license to run in production, nobody at Oracle can validate it.

    1. Replied to another clone of your post (wink)

      In short, I don't think the projects are dead, because there is a lot of activity every day. Publicly seen milestones are another thing...

      See: Re: 2011.Q4 - Foreverware

  2. Looking at the OI web site from the outside, it does appear like nothing is happening even though that isn't true. The last change in shown on the main page is the 151a release on September 14, 2011. There appear to be development updates coming out about once a month. If the main page reflected that then it would apparent that something is actually happening. As it is you have to root out such information from the mailing lists, the wiki updates, or checking the date on the IPS repositories. If people can see something happening they might be more likely to get involved. All you need to add is a line like "development update 151a4 released on DATE" with perhaps a link to the release notes.

    Updating or removing some of the stale information on the web site might also be helpful. For example, the 2011.Q4 stable release didn't happen. Maybe that could be replaced by something which better describes where things stand now.