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See attachments for proposed artwork.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hello OpenIndiana Comunity,

    I'm not a graphic designer and are not good at drawing.
    However, with the help of some users: miine, Neddie and alanc of #opeindindina irc-chat, I could to create some proposals for the openindiana logo.

    Thank you for your support,

    1. That first one (number 1) is brilliant. It might need a bit of tweaking, but the idea is spot on!

  2. Anonymous


    This is my work:


    1. I think the windmill emphasis detracts from the legibility, and the colours remind me (too much) of Microsoft logos. The rotating OI and nod to the old Sun logo is a great idea though.

  3. Anonymous

  4. Anonymous

    My follow up and sum up what's wrong with the current logo and how Neddie's latest art work fixes it all:

  5. Anonymous

    I like the one here.
    Playing with the word *NIX might be an idea...
    Powered by
    but I would not know. I am just a dumb surgeon.

  6. Anonymous

    Interesting but diverse views.The first step it really to prepare a strategy marketing plan etc.this will give a good indication on what the logo should represent.Brands are sold by association to meet business strategy.The opensolaris logo was indeed put together to represent diversity a logo is at the end of this process.It is not at all clear whether this is successful or not.Copying the past may not be the future,legal implication,changing audience values.Clearly my choice would be just minimalist OI with sub branding for each distro.Clearly such simple logos can be very successful as they breach cultural divides.A marketing expert once told me keep it simple,instantly recognisable,instant recognition as to the values it represents, and will it pass the teashirt test?

  7. Anonymous

    Here is a simple example how OI is placed on the desktop as a logo

  8. Anonymous

    I'm very glad that many of you they want to have a good logo.

    some rough 3D ideas:

    some simple ideas as required by the latest post:

    with regard,

    1. Anonymous

      I like some of these ideas however if I may suggest we keep it monocrome or duel tone light silver (3D shadowed) to accommodate different background colours? The Oi cube in silver with thicker font is a good idea as it seems scalable like the Apple logo?

  9. Anonymous

    As a suggestion the logo should convey three main associations

    1)Business and Enterprise
    2)Proof of concept and commercial quality
    3)Instantly recognizable above language and cultural barriers

    Brainstorming your OI cube perhaps a development of this raw idea maybe the way to go? I am not a graphics artist but this maybe worth considering as a concept? here is a doodle

    1. Anonymous

      This seems to be a good colour scheme and logo.But we need matching icons possibly in silver/opaque to match the existing toolbar in a conventional mac style.The font should be open source near to san sarif in 11-12 font.It is better for partially sighted people to have light background with black/dark/mid tone or grey/silver lettering especially at Log in.The logo places the product where it should be in enterprise space with a quality business feel selling attributes instead of a weak brand image.This is common in emerging products.The wallpaper featured might suggest a rational for the front circles to be obscured celestial bodies,whilst the path should feature less and moved down towards the bottom of the wallpaper from lower left to high right in pastel releif.

      Is this distinctive enough? In my opinion yes as the enterprise market is conservative.

      Identified colours

      Light silver
      Mid light blue or teal
      shades of light purple/pink to soften eye strain.

      Could someone convert these briefs to graphic builds?

  10. Anonymous

    I created this

    from your suggestions.
    I hope you like it...



    Graphics Specification and Guidance

    We should all be mindful as to the OiOS ultimate graphics goals whether from corporate sponsorship or individual graphics contributors. There are no end of artwork ideas and wonderful creations from all sorts of skills levels.However to focus ideas the following specifications have been identified after an extensive period of assessment.

    A summation of direction and marketing plan for Graphics formation guidance, would be as follows:


    Placement historic market segment : Enterprise Data Centres, SME (Small, Medium, size Enterprises) and Professional Users.

    Product offerings: Enterprise Server, Enterprise Desktop and Enterprise Cloudstation.

    Colours identified in these market segments : Blacks,Silver,Greys,White,and Mid range reds,on the colour wheel.

    Graphics outlooks : minimalistic,easily changeable (with low resource input), adaptable, and subject matter associated with sector.

    Scalable and identifiable for inclusion within tight confines of build (possibly maximum of 4 digits or logo space).

    Must be restful on the eyes for long periods of use but provide enough contrast for visually impaired users.


    When encouraging contributors it must be relevant to these guideline.

    Good example of theme suited for Oi :