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  1. Anonymous

    Sat Feb 19 12:30:41 GMT 2011

    Under 'Read-Only acrhives',  there is no link to oi-infra mailing list.

  2. Dear Openindiana lovers,


    I have downloaded and updated XStreamOS successfully. It is working fine barring flash player. Has FF24 after updation.

    It has also updated JDK to 1.7. However, desktop environment after first update is set to adjust my screen view. Earlier it was bit elongated horizontally.

    Since Martins site is down and I do not know how to install SAMP in OpenSXCE then I had no other alternative but to install XstramOS.

    Martin is taking too long and gets annoyed for what has happened, I don't know.

    But I feel that if dear Martin wishes to keep OpenSxce to be used only by Him, in that case he should not publish it no the web and he can very well keep it closed source so that nobody can use it.

    OK, I do not have money to buy the Operating System. And there are truely just three Opensolaris derivatives who have true desktop albeit not advance.

    Well, lets not forget that these three OI, Xstream and OpenSXCE all three if developed by community can give Oracle run for its money.

    Well it is not in my hand and it is entirely up to the hands of developers as to in which area of OS they want to work?

    I only request all the other command line distros to upgrade to Desktop envirnoment with better GNOME.

    Best of luck to all of you  there who are working for OI despite their busy schedule and some like Martin who though do not have jobs but still they are the advocates of SUN Solaris.

    I wish that Oracle could make one distro for community just like red hat is doeing.

    Well my writing may never cease so i must stop here.





  3. Hi all

    OpenSXCE is sort of closed source. pkg command, pkgadd command, install command not working.

    No support.

    XStream OS I can install, update in next BE with 311 MB update made.

    Now installing amp. Well it has php 5.3 as well.

    But if I install GNOME and try to log in. It just wont boot in graphical mode.

    After updating to next BE, NVIDIA does not show the letters or any info but just some squares in the form of letters.

    It seems solaris and their distros all are pain in the ......head.

    Any way. please suggest.

    Otherwise firefox 26 is running fine with Adobe flash. I dont' know which version but it seems that it is 11 only.

    Well but every time flash player has to be activated.

    And yes one more thing.

    When we update through command line with root privilege then in that case Firefox wont start in the next boot.

    Please convey my message to XStream OS Developers and I request them to start developing and fixing pacthes because otherwise XStream OS is really good effort and can match with OpenSXCE and OI well but

    Hipster is again no package manager and you cannot unable services by use of SVCS gui app.

    Well and it does not run you tube even without flash.

    So i did not like it much. Why have you removed the apache server panels and SVCS panels which were very convenient to start and stop service.

    Now think, think guys to make it usable to people like us in this world. Who are still fan of OpenSolaris.

    Casue You just fall in love with it when you start using it. Well but remember we have to update amp  stack to apache 2.4, mysql to 5.5 and php to 5.6.

    and also update firefox to 31 or 32, it is available with sunfreeware still. why not integrate with flash player latest.

    There are really little things but important which will make OI world class like inclusion of Openoffice or libre office. XStream has included it.

    also if possible try to update GNOME well and mate is also not bad. Why dont try KDE just like Belenix???

    Well, i think if all of you concentrate on above things instaed of doing R & D which is of no use to others, it will be really great.


    Best of Luck to you guys and girls out there. and Off course lots of thanks for giving such a wonderful OS to the planet earth.









  4. Hi Everyone over there,

    1. I just installed Korona. I had old distribution which I tried twice on my hard disk. 

    However, It works fine but after instalation the message says that the installation failed. But when I booted it was fine with default GNOME.

    There is an option at log in screen to select GNOME or KDE. KDE is also working fine on my System without the NVIDIA PCI card.

    2. Second good news is that Sonicle has updated their XStream OS just a week before and has come up with Beta 3 version with LXDE desktop.

    It is really  good effort to come out with such an Illumos based distro.

    Hats off to Sonicle team. Well it is also on Distrowatch. com

    3. Now I think it is our turn. OI should also come up with OI151a10 iso release???

    What about updating to the latest software??

    However, one difference between OI and other distros is that OI is really stable and optimized. It does not behave erratically and is quite stable.

    4. Another bad news is that OpenSxce owner Martin is not well. Check his face on  google plus. I think he is hurt. A bleeding face. I hope he gets well soon. He should look after himself. If any of you know anything about his well being, I shall be glad to know.


    Rest is fine here in India.




  5. Hi It seems nobody is interested in commenting on this site. Its so barren. Remember, OI is the only OS on which you can install JDK 8 also like Linux and Windows whereas in case of PC-BSD which I have been trying on various PC's It has no port for Oracle JDK and you have to do with Open JDK only. 

    Though its desktop is really great and can compete with I would say Ubuntu and to some extent Windows also if you use NVIDIA graphics.

    However, it lacks  in the sense that Net beans does feels like stripped off and devoid of development languages. 

    So please please develop this OS and make it competitive like PC-BSD. But I am user so please don't expect that I would develop something. I am avid user of OI.