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Deprecation Notice:

The WIKI version of the OpenIndiana Handbook is outdated and been flagged as deprecated.

The documentation team is currently in the process of assessing the Wiki.

Content which is still valid will be transitioned to our new MkDocs based documentation platform, which resides at:

NOTE: This process will take some time. As each page is migrated, it will be flagged.

If you can help with this effort, please contact the documentation team at DOCS AT




Welcome to the OpenIndiana Handbook.

This aims to be similar to the FreeBSD Handbook; a comprehensive guide to OpenIndiana.

Please place your ideas for content below

  1. Introduction

  2. Installing or upgrading

  3. Installing software and package management

  4. System administration

  5. Security

  6. Storage

  7. Virtualization

  8. Software

  9. Troubleshooting and workarounds

Best Practices Section
Should include information on best practices for MySQL (eg enabling 64bit)

There is Joerg Moellenkamp's whoppy 400 page "Less Known Solaris Features" which holds a lot of wisdom I'd like to see here.

The whole virtualisation subject is described in depth in Ulrich Drewanz et al.'s Solaris Container Guide. Would be great to have that referenced here as well.

Section for resource managent is needed. It is one of nices and cooler OpenIndiana features.

How Tos Request List on

OpenIndiana Small System Server Build (PDF) document describes setting up OI on a HP N40L MicroServer to provide E-Mail, calendar, address book, storage and print services for LAN and WAN iOS/Android devices.

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  1. Anonymous

    Quick howto VirtualBox with USB installation on OpenIndiana:

    - get VirtualBox-3.2.8-64453-SunOS.tar.gz from the Website


    -pkgtrans VirtualBox-3.2.8-SunOS-r64453.pkg .

    -vi SUNWvbox/reloc/opt/VirtualBox/

    -change all occurences of snv to oi

    -try install pkgadd -d . (Will show ERROR: content verification of </opt/VirtualBox/> failed
    file size <25318> expected <25312> actual
    file cksum <9288> expected <8526> actual

    -pkgrm SUNWvbox

    -vi SUNWvbox/pkgmap fix the size and cksum according to the message for

    -pkadd -d .

    that s it, now you should have USB-Support

    1. Anonymous

      At the moment I have installed the now released version 3.2.12 of VirtualBox.

      The installation had no problems, so I looked into the and it

      contained the check for openIndiana.

  2. Anonymous

    I also would to see everything on building the operating systems and distros

    Also on building applications like which may soon be closed or the newly forked edition

    Lastly OpenIndiana for Dummies (this should be about using OpenIndiana in Business environment for non-geek)

    God blesses!!!

    Best regards,


  3. I will be starting on the Security section of this shortly.  I expect to examine in detail all of the OI security features and provide information regarding how to utilize the security features within OI.  I also anticipate using several vulnerability testing tools to examine the out of the box configurations and how to improve the security aspects.  For each service that might affect security I will include a section for detailing the necessary steps to secure OI to the extent required for the specific usage of the platform.

  4. Anonymous

    Troubleshooting, installation issues with workarounds and known issues without.

  5. Anonymous

    I wrote a "miniHowto build a ready to use NAS"

    based on OpenIndiana (or NexentaCore, SE11) with my free napp-it Web-Gui to make first steps more easy

    part one: Setup a NAS

    part two: All-In-One (ESXi with embedded OpenIndiana NAS-server)