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Rhytmbox notes

For best usability, Rhytmbox could be better used by installing gstreamer/gstreamer1 packages from encumbered repository (for example listening radio podcasts over internet) Use pfexec/sudo and IPS pkg(5) command to install, for example:

$ pfexec pkg install library/audio/gstreamer1/plugin/bad library/audio/gstreamer1/plugin/libav library/audio/gstreamer1/plugin/ugly library/video/libbluray library/audio/libdcadec

Other gstreamer , gstreamer1 and other/codecs packages are seen with pkg list command. For example:

$ pkg publisher 
PUBLISHER                   TYPE     STATUS P LOCATION				origin   online F
hipster-encumbered			origin   online F
localhostoih				origin   online F
$ pkg list -g

..lists available packages at hipster-encumbered publisher (repository)
Use pkg search when searching for packages and see Package Repositories page for adding IPS publishers.

How to contribute?

Our small community is always happy to welcome new users and contributors: OpenIndiana is built with oi-userland in the form of a hierarchy of components: aside from the base system illumos, some of these components are developed by the project while others are integrated from open-source projects. Maintaining the different components involves mainly integration: importing, re-branding, applying OpenIndinana-specific fixes.

Please see Getting involved , Building the Operating System and child pages for some hints on how to set up a development environment.

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