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Reporting security related issues

Until otherwise defined file a bug report with the key word security.  Please provide sufficiently detailed information and notes as to why this issue is related to security and any suggestions regarding the potential fix.  Appropriate contact information for follow up should also be part of the initial submission.  Normal bug reporting rules apply.  Additional security related considerations apply to issues or potential vulnerabilities that are not publicly disclosed as yet.

Security Information resources

The Security team monitors several security related information sources.  A list of these will be further developed and any suggestions for Security related information sources that should be included in this listing are welcome.

OpenIndiana Security Status

A status page is being developed to reflect the latest information regarding the outstanding list of advisories and updates.

Security Features

It is the goal of the OpenIndiana team to make the operating environment as secure as possible while not adversely affecting the overall usability of the system.  It is anticipated that several different security profiles will be in place that reflect eh needs and intended usage of the users and purposes the operating environment is intended to support.  Workstation applications will necessarily have a different set of security requirements than server deployments.  The intent is to provide profiles that accurately reflect each or all of these various requirements and clearly state the expectations within each environment.

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