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This page needs completing.

For most current Openindiana hipster TODO list see:

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  1. Guido and Alasdair --

    I have used OpenIndiana for over a month now and it is now my favourite operating system.  I have joined - as a new developer - in an effort to help (especially where I can for SPARC) and in any other capacity, such as this Tasks Page. 

    If you would like me to populate this Tasks Page (project plans, mercurial items, to-do items by priority, etc) please feel free to email me and let me know.



    -JK Schwersenske

  2. Welcome, JK Schwersenske.


  3. And there it died... or went elsewhere, or what???

    OI is a nice OS, but people tend to just drop off.

  4. So, I'm new to OI myself and finally made the jump from using the live DVD to an on HDD install.

    How do we go about getting newer releases on specific packages?

    I'm typing this in Firefox and wondering how to get a new version of that running. Based on the Package Manager, 3.6.12 is as new as it gets?

    I'm not a developer, but am willing to jump in and learn.

    Is it just a matter of there not being someone to create a build and package it?

    Is it an issue with packages available upstream?

    Is this something that can be contributed?


    Sorry if this wasn't the best place to post this, but it seemed like it at the time.



    Thank you,



    -Eric W.


    1. Join the oi-dev@ and/or oi-discuss@ mailing lists.  You'll probably not get an answer to a question posted here. might give you some insight on developing packages for OI.

      There are only a couple people, and a few at best, that do any development on OI these days.  So any updates are few and far between.

      It is too bad because it is a solid and stable operating system.  There were mistakes made, I believe, after Oracle pulled the plug on OpenSolaris.  But that is in the past.  Getting development of OI moving forward is supposedly taking place with a repo called hipster, but I have never been able to get it installed.  Jon Tibble is supposed to be updating to 151a8, but one person cannot be responsible for a complete operating system. 

      1. gpatrick

        Thanks for the reply.

        I'll repost as a q in the mailing lists.