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OpenIndiana provides a true open source community alternative to Oracle Solaris - with an open development model and full community participation.

OpenIndiana is a complex OS and as such sometimes doesn't quite work as intended, this section hopes to bring forth various known issues and also workarounds, whilst proper solutions are written, tested and  integrated into the system.

When reporting bugs or feature requests in the OI bug tracker:

  1. Open New Issue
  2. Select Bug or Feature in Tracker section.
  3. Priority: Does the Bug need Immediate or Urgent or Low/High attention? 
  4. Provide a clear subject line for your description.
  5. Describe the bug or feature request (include consolidation, hardware/software details, etc).
  6. Review the appropriate categories for the bug or feature.
  7. Try to select the appropriate engineer, developer, or group under Assignee (example: OI-Illumos - handles all hardware drivers and kernel userland)
  8. Watchers - whom else should receive updates on changes to this bug or feature?
  9. Related Issues: check for other tickets that may related to your bug or feature.
  10. Save & Update: Preview and Save your work. You can then provide updates, links, or attach files to engineers/developers working on the issue. 


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  1. Anonymous

    Last build (151a) has broken IIIM tools (empty Language/Script section), for example, it is difficult (if even possible) to define layout changing key. It is more than CRITICAL (in some cases even blocking) for Russian and some other languages.
    If anyone choose Russian layout on livecd boot and install, it won't be possible to use the installed system (but possible to install) as it is impossible to type user name or even "root" without changing layout. So, select only English layout. After installation, it is possible to use such a workaround xkb command (not a Solaris way, but works much better than IIIM before break):

    setxkbmap -rules /usr/X11/lib/X11/xkb/rules/xorg -layout "us,ru(winkeys)" -option grp:rctrl_toggle

    You may either enter it in any X terminal emulator, or make a executable script.
    Course, rctrl can be changed to the prefered keyswitcher.