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To form a proper website design we need to gather ideas first, this is the website idea brain storm page. Add thoughts, examples, links, etc. to the table and then we will discuss them and try and hammer our a list of goals that our website design team can work towards.





Attractive and easy to use for newcomers to find out what we are, download and get support OI.
The three examples are clear, easy to navigate open source OSs. The anti-example isn't eye catching and doesn't lead the newcomer well imho


Oracle Solaris

Deano Calver

Has links to all the main components of the site from the home page, e.g. latest news, support, contribute etc. Friendly and simple to navigate.



Matt Wilby

A 'from to gnu/linux to OI' table (from ubuntu/fedora/etc... to OI) to help gnu/linux users to switch to OI



Jay Undernet

Decent Web-based Mailing list representation, so users have the option of support through mailing lists and web representation of mailing list, looking like forums. Ideally ML should be linked to contain the same information/postings.

Gentoo Linux


Matt Wilby,
Nikola M.

Web site: Have 'Core principles and expectations' - CPE (Code of Conduct) type of document represented on Openindiana web site.
Depends on: Openindiana governing body
Linked WIP article.
Project-FiFo Code of Conduct
FreeBSD Code of Conduct
 Adam Števko

Web site: Having user database and community members logging in on to Openindiana site.
It could allow tighter member integration and easier inclusion into projects.


UbuntuOneLogin Nikola M.
Web site: Projects pages , including projects members, linked to the packages/code
Depends on/Requires: User database, community members logging in. Nikola M.
Create Openindiana governing body
Depends/Requires: Projects pages, User database community members log in. Nikola M.
Examine other Operating system software distributions and their approaches to managing content (FreeBSD, PC-BSD)
 Michael Kruger
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  1. Anonymous

    A discussion forum like the now defunct would be great. That sight was VERY easy to use because it's design was simple and elegant. In contrast, forums are NOT very good. Try to find the user forums by just going to the, and then hunt for forums/help [as a newcomer]  .... impossible to find.

    To get new users [and help existing users], OpenIndiana needs a really great discussion/help/tips/questions/answers kind of environment. The old sight was really really good at that.

    1. Anonymous

      I believe the forums on were deprecated in order to push developers, the site's target audience, towards the mailing lists. The forums are also a warning about the bad things that happen when mailing list <-> forum integration is not done well as there were problems with the bridge between the two - messages popping up on the mailing list with no context since the original message was not quoted inline for example.

  2. Anonymous

    It would be great to have an area where libraries/applications can be requested. I was looking the FreeCad site and the instructions for building FreeCad. Many of the dependent libraries are available for linux per built, which requires the end user to build the application if they do not want to download the pre-built binary.

  3. Anonymous

    I would like to see to website clearly organized for different audience groups with the OpenIndiana Handbook and Best practice in the focus point.  The differnt groups are

    - decission maker (features, benefits, support, contributers, case studies)

    - core developer (mostly internal use)

    - users (handbook and best practice for storage server, database server (mysql, postgresql, db2 and others), application server (glassfish) application developer (netbeans, eclipse, package management for developer), administration (installation, upgrade, migration, virtualisation, building the os) 

    - and of course the download section

    As OI goes with 150 to a stable branch I would set the priority on the handbook. The propper documentation was my main reason beside the technical features to migrate from linux to opensolaris.  

    1. Anonymous - I like these comments, and not only because you're echoing some observations I've made myself!

      Oi is a powerful, technically dense offering - and its most powerful feature is the pool of brilliant, motivated people here working on it. However, and mostly out of current necessity, there must sometimes be a lot more focus on trees than on the forest. This is perfectly understandable, as The Lads work to get 151 out the door...

      Once some dust has settled, though, I think some attention to these themes would make a lot of sense - and I'm happy to put my money where my mouth is, in terms of helping write some of it.

      I've mentioned the 'Decision Maker' focus myself, as well as 'Best Practice' guides. If we've lucky enough to get an hour of a DM's time, a clear Decision Tree Algorithm, perhaps presented as a White Paper, would hold us in good stead. Best Practices? I've been using ZFS for a long time, and am still learning about it almost constantly!

      I fully agree with you that we could be doing a lot more to prettify Oi for a new adopter. We want them on board!

  4. Anonymous

    As a partially sighted person I would like developers to be aware of the difficulties such users have in all aspects of the UI.A good place to start is to use light coloured backgrounds and dark text to provide contrast.In operational development  to collapse code to reduce the numbers of processes both in operation and installation of apps.I think Apple achieves high contrast environments well  on their main website.Please bear this in mind when selecting forum designs. Thank you

    1. We would welcome help in insuring our UI and all aspects of OI are friendly to partially sighted and other users. I myself am disabled, tho not in ways that affect my computer usage, so am personally committed to insuring that we support all users, regardless of any physical ailments.

      There is a recently started art project, to discuss UI and other related matters, it would be very helpful if you could become a member of that process, to ensure any UI choices work for partially sighted users.

  5. Anonymous

    Open indiana seems to be reluctant to develop the UI. On the next build.perhaps a different strategy should be taken on this.Why not work more closely with belinix to produce two consolidated offerings under the OI brand  to have a server and workstation (desktop).versions available from a consolidated main portal?

    1. OI is committed to delivering both server and desktop releases, we already work with belinix, as both projects share similar goals and are glad to help each other achieve those aims. However server and desktop focus isn't the only differences between the two projects.

      At the moment most work has been done in the non UI areas, this is because we are changing our underlying base to illumos, which affects server and desktop user a like and there are many OpenSolaris servers that currently don't have an upgrade path and need one for security reason, else we risk losing the user and servers from the SunOS community forever.

      Its also a matter of resources, most of the developers themselves have personal or commercial reasons for focusing on the server side.

      If you wish to see faster desktop development, we welcome all users to join the development community and help us achieve that aim.

  6. Anonymous

    I 'd like to remind you of the Genunix Wiki as a central point of knowledge. Let us start (or continue ) a Knowledge base Wiki in here! And yes, a User Forum would invite new users en serve the existing user base.

    Thanks & regards, Algernon

  7. Anonymous

    I've tried Solaris and Opensolaris before, i'm no expert but i'll give most things a go. I liked what i saw and enjoyed using Opensolaris for a week or two.
    However, i think to encourage desktop users you really need to include Flash or make it VERY easy to install without all this 'command line' stuff.
    I finally got Flash to work only for Adobe to do yet another update, i found it a real struggle to then update what i'd already installed.
    Judging by the stuff i found on forums lot's of other people struggled as well.
    None of this "register as a developer then download these tokens, etc, etc"
    Flash runs the net, like it or not.
    (personally i don't)

  8. Anonymous

    after being a ubuntu user for a few years
    I'm looking for the whole package
    distro & community
    forks seem to be the most likely candidates
    as a goal there should be a better way to integrate the developer community with the user community
    not having the development being dictated by less than benevolent overlords is a good start
    having as much transparency as possible is good
    centrally located is good
    open is good
    is there a venue I can actually join?

  9. Anonymous

    Pity we could not have the ex sun opensolaris webpages from oracle and update them?

  10. Anonymous

    Light pastel like Apple and easey to load on mobile devices.The current dark blue is really not very user friendly.It is really difficult to read if you are partially sighted.i have written a marketing plan draft for discussion but have not had the details to where to send it yet?

  11. My view is that we should consider an existing professional template and transfer the existing content over time with suitable customization this is based on the need to collapse time to market and cost.This is a example which although hardware directed could be customized to community needs and child pages added especially accessable on mobile devices? Item number: 37001 Type: OsCommerce 2.3

    1. We should also consider approved global commercial hardware suppliers sponsoring website costs? what is behind this is? To encourage the development of hardware and software solution businesses in emerging markets.