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  • oi-meeting 24th May 2011
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The May 24th OI meeting, was an incredible, information dense 2 hours but it was also very productive. The reason and indeed the gaps has been the incredible work towards oi stable 151 release.
Ill leave most of the details to the meetings logs, as for most people the details of how a release is made probably isn't that important. What is, is of course, when/what/how?!

151 - The road towards the first OpenIndiana stable release

aszeszo (The release engineer) posted updates to the /dev-il repo with the first 151 candidate, the ISO to go with it failed to build correctly but thats coming soon. The dev-il repo is the untested internal developer repo, which like all OpenIndiana processes is completely open and useable by all. However please note, its may (and indeed is quite likely) to do something bad, so only use it on a test box and if you want to help out testing the bleeding edge (and we mean bleeding).

The current schedule is that a week of testing in /dev-il (once the ISO image are posted), it will move into general dev stage and /dev will be updated.

At this stage 151 will be the in the same category as current 148b, which we are all using right now. After some time here it will move into the stable repo. The important steps from dev to stable are more testing and fixes of course, but also our security team will apply and validate all know security issues, so that OpenIndiana is able to endorse as stable and enterprise ready.

The tiny bit of text here, can't convey the amount of work that has been put in by the many talented developers working on OpenIndiana, but reaching that magical stable goal will be something we all appreciate i'm sure.

Installer fixes and sticky stuff

Several installer issue were first on the list of fixes required, one is rolling back the gui installer to having a separate password field. Nobody has really ever been happy with the effects of not explicitly setting the root password, so it was felt best to just go back in time and match behaviour between text and gui installer.

The second installer issue relates to how the text installer decides how much space the swap and dump devices need. This stops the text installer installing on systems where RAM is bigger than the root pool drive size (which isn't uncommon on server using SSD boot drives). As the gui installer does provide correct behaviour, it was decided to make the text installer match the gui installer and fix the issue without much risk.

The next important 151 issue, is related to the sticky bit attached to the package repo. This stops updates coming from the newer open indiana packages, leaving some systems only half upgraded. It was decided the best way was to force a switch to non-sticky when the pkg package is updated. One consequence is that some users may have to image-update twice, before the packages update but at least they will, with this fix update at some point.

Next it was decided to update nsswitch.conf to something that didn't default to 1990s settings.

And finally

A large portion of the rest of the meeting, was related to the infrastructure that Everycity donates to provide the development and website of OpenIndiana, this needing some changes and updating and working out the logistics was sorted during the meeting.

Apart from the 151 talk, a new contributor to OI has joined us (essial) who already has done some great work on easing the building of userland and other developer items. Essial has jumped right in, and is already having a positive impact on the work the OI developers are doing, so thanks were due from all of us in the meeting to Essial.

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