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  • oi-meeting April 5th 2011 Write Up
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This write up, of the April 5th OI meeting aims to provide a more human readible summary and synopsis of the OI weekly meeting, however both meetbot and the IRC logs have a precise recording.

The meeting started with updates on the important work toward OI151a, this release is planned to be a major OI milestone and our most important release so far.

Devil and OI151a

The internal experimental dev-il repository is mostly fine, with just some renaming required and some consolidations not on the correct version number.

aszeszo has been actioned will re-spinning dev-il with these fixes and therefore produce the first experimental repo with everything in place as intended for this release.

Alasdair will prepare slim_source (the name of the full install package) including the installer branding with both OI and Illumos graphics. These two actions together will give use a testable installable OI151a, with which to begin heavy issue tracking and fixing.

The vital job of making sure security updates are in for OI151a has been actioned for Meths to work on and gber will use Oracle's SRU svn repository to update JDS with the security updates fixed there. saablover is preparing the java packages that OI uses and needs.

The issues related to the latest version of mozilla products (principle firefox and thunderbird) was raised and discussed without a conclusion.


DeanoC has prepared a set of questions that the developers have been asked to think and answer about the larger picture of OI community.

It was noted that one of the questions on governance of OI has already been discussed at the start of the OI projects and is in the first few meetings logs. The observation that this isn't perhaps the best way to share important infomation led to DeanoC being actioned with writing up of meeting notes into a more human readable form in the future. Also Alasdair will help DeanoC in extracting important information (such as the governance rules and structure) from the existing meeting logs.

There was also discussion on the perception of friendliness in IRC and Mailing lists, no actionable items resulted however several basic suggestions were forthcoming. Alasdair pointed out that all contributors and developers are ambassadors of OI and our conduct should always be aware of that. Meths gave the wise words "Just take that extra 5 seconds to think about how you're responding to someone and also don't be shy about just a quiet personal email to someone if you think they've been unhelpful"

Squashing Bugs

yofuh updated us on how the creation of the bug-team was going. He informed us, that his email to oi-discuss and oi-dev had resulted in 5 new contributors offering to help. The entire group were glad to see the community starting to blossom and assist as we all hoped it would. Mail aliases will be set-up by Meths and then yofuh will have a kick off meeting, time of the meeting might be difficult as the volunteer team is from all over the globe including Japan, US and Europe.

And Finally

An informal vote was taking about renaming two mailing lists,

  • new-developers is to become new-contributers to better reflect that it offers help to anybody who wishes to help with OI not only 'developers' which is usually meant to refer to coding.
  • openindiana-discuss is to become oi-discuss to better match all other mailing lists and IRC channels which use a prefix of oi

Any errors or corrections, please let me know. These write up is based on the logs and my memory, but as always mistakes do happen and any undue emphasis or mistakes I'll be happy to correct.

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