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This was not trivial so I thought I would document it here.

 I imagine that running ZFS and Bittorrent together is a popular scenario.

Download Tarball


Make sure that xz and wget are installed

pkg install xz wget

Download and untar the binary

tar -xjvf transmission-2.77.tar.xz
cd transmission-2.77

Install Dependencies

pkg install gettext  (for pkg-config)
pkg install pkg:/
pkg install pkg:/text/gnu-gettext

Hack Pkg-Config files for libevent2

For whatever reason, other tools seem to install pkg-config pc files in /usr/lib/pkgconfig

The SFE package for libevent2 installs into /usr/gnu/lib/pkgconfig, so autoconf does not find it.

I "hacked" around this by moving the files and adding a symlink to make it nicer.

# cd /usr/gnu/lib
# mv pkgconfig/* /usr/lib/pkgconfig/
# rmdir pkgconfig/
# ln -s /usr/lib/pkgconfig .

Configure Make Install

Setup the path to pick up the GNU tools first

export PATH=/usr/gnu/bin:$PATH
./configure --prefix=/opt
sudo make install

Install as Service

I have included the SMF config file I use as well as the service method shell script.

Both (I believe) are pulled from the Transmission SFE built package.

Here are the relevant commands, though a package should really be employed for this.

I may work on that later...

cp lib-svc-method-transmission /lib/svc/method/transmission

chown root:bin /lib/svc/method/transmission

chmod 755 /lib/svc/method/transmission

svccfg import transmission-daemon.xml


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  1. After following these instructions I was getting the following error trying to start transmission-daemon: transmission-daemon: fatal: open failed: No such file or directory

    I was able to correct this by issuing the following command:

    sudo crle -l /lib:/usr/lib:/usr/gnu/lib

  2. Two notes. One suggestion.

    Moving files around which have been created by the pkg IPS tools is not really recommended. Setting PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/gnu/lib/pkgconfig usually would do better. I know this paragraph is tagged as a hack (smile).

    Using crle on binaries is as well only in absolute emergency situations a solution.

    Suggestion: SFEtransmission.spec is at version 2.60 and would only need a volunteer to be updated to a current version. Volunteers please speak up.