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  • Testing /dev to /hipster-2015 or /hipster update

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Code Block
$ pfexec pkg update -v
$ pfexec reboot

(You can also use regular 'pfexec shutdown -y -g 0 -i 6' to immediately reboot)

After testing, you can clean transisioning BE's
# $ pfexec beadm destroy Openindiana-HipUpdate-S1
# $ pfexec beadm destroy Openindiana-HipUpdate-S2
You could also keep your Openindiana-HipUpdate-S3 BE (or rename it ot Openindiana-hipster-2015), so you can continue to test updating hipster-2015 toward final new update for /dev
Optionally you can also destroy it after testing:
# $ pfexec beadm destroy Openindiana-HipUpdate-S2

Article added as per testing manual shared by bentahyr on 20160509

To communicate testing results, use #openindiana IRC channel on, openindiana-discuss Openindiana mailing list and Openindiana issues bug database.