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  • Building an IPS manifest

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1. Put the metadata into a file called "metadata". Most of this information can come from a template file, eg a build Makefile or something. For example:

Code Block
set name=pkg.namefmri value=my-packagepackage@$version
set name=pkg.description value="My Great Package"
set name=description value="My Great Package"
license /path/to/license/file license=BSD


6. Upload the package:

Code Block
eval `pkgsend -s $REPO open "my-package@1.7"`
pkgsend -s $REPO includepublish -d insroot manifest
if [ $? != 0 ]; then
   pkgsend -s $REPO close -A
   pkgsend -s $REPO close
fi-fmri-in-manifest manifest