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Aspire One



Ken Mays


Aspire AS3810T


Hangs after OS banner when booting from a USB DVD.  With `-v', displays `pseudo-device: dld0' and `dld0 is /pseudo/dld@0' last.

Gary Mills


Aspire One ZG8



Deano Calver



Eee PC 1005PE


Atheros AR8132 / L1c Gigabit Ethernet has no driverworks with fixed atge driver in oi_151a6.  Wireless does workworks.  `vgatext' display driver works.

Gary Mills


Eee PC 1215PE



Latitude D420

For oi_147

Stopped booting for 148

Jon Tibble


Inspiron 1545

For oi_151a

Broadcomm Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g driver missing

Ganapathy S A


Latitude E6520


Intel 82579LM (Lewisville) Gigabit Ethernet has no driver

Marco van Lienen

DellXPS M1330yes

Broadcomm Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g driver missing. Doesn't show battery status.

Maxim Kondratovich


G70 250 US



Jon Strabala

HPFolio 13-1020usyes  
HPPavilion dv8000yes  
HPProBook 6460byes  
HPProBook 6550byes  
LenovoIdeaPad Y480yes  
LenovoThinkPad Edge E335yes, oi_151a5

The laptop has no CD drive but can boot off a USB device; to install OI I used a USB HDD with grub4dos in first partition booting an oi_151a5 ISO image and a second 1GB partition with the USB image. Note that the right (USB 2.0) port MUST be used during such setup.

Gigabit Ethernet (Realtek) works. WiFi (Broadcom BCM4313) does not work, not even with NDIS drivers based on bcmwl5 or bcmwl6 32-bit and 64-bit variants. SATA support is strange (sometimes works, sometimes doesn't), so Compatibility mode (IDE) set via BIOS is preferential. USB3 (XHCI) does not work, those two left ports don't even power up a mouse. The USB2 port (right side) works, also with a USB hub. Battery status and model shown OK. Card reader was not yet tested.

Sound system includes several devices (Realtek audio powering the speakers, AMD Radeon HDMI audio), both driven as audiohd; in my case Realtek was detected as dsp1/mixer1/audio1/etc. and I had to replace the links (/dev/dsp /dev/audio /dev/mixer etc.) to force it to be used for sound by default. ALSA audio driver mode works, but with hicccups; OSS and SunAudio play music okay, but quite a bit too quiet in my testing (like 10% of the volume on the same system under another OS).

Video adapter (AMD Vision E2 APU including the CPU and Radeon GPU) is not recognized as a "radeon" by "modload /kernel/drv(/amd64)/radeon" nor by X11, but works in correct resolution (1366*768) as "vgatext". Heavy video performs poorly (movies, videocamera tests), but during normal work/reading/browsing/development lags are nearly unnoticeable.

NOTE: The keyboard does not include such keys as Pause/Break and SysRQ/ScrlLock. Some can be emulated (Fn+P, Fn+B, etc.), but I did not manage to find all of them. There is also only a power LED indicator, so you don't see HDD working, CAPS lock, etc. NumLock and at least an emulated numeric keypad are missing altogether.

According to repairs docs, some variants of this laptop model can include an additional MiniPCI socket for WAN (3G modem) or mSATA SSD; my laptop does not have this feature soldered on (or I failed to find it).

Ji m Klimov


ThinkPad T60



Milan Jurik


ThinkPad T520


The Intel Wifi Link 1000 does NOT work. The NIC is an Intel 82579LM which is not yet supported by Illumos.

Josef "Jeff" Sipek


ThinkPad T578


The Intel Corporation Centrino Wireless-N 1000 does NOT work. As noted for T520 it is not supported by Illumos.

Logan Bruns

LenovoThinkPad W520oi_151aNvidia Quadro 1000m and Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 (3x3 AGN). USB 3 interface NOT SUPPORTED, use USB 2 port at rearCameron Jones
LenovoThinkpad W530oi_151a  


Xpress Book



Apostolos Syropoulos




cardbus does not work. nvidia driver does not fully support NV6200 Go chipset.

Matt Wilby

ToshibaNB100 Netbookyes  
ToshibaSatellite L640yes  
ToshibaSatellite L740yes  
ToshibaSatellite Pro S500yes  
ToshibaTecra A11/M11yes  
ToshibaTecra R700yes  
ToshibaTecra R850 / R840 / R830yes  
ToshibaTecra S11/M11yes  
Wiproe.go Aero Ultrayes  
Wiproe.go Aero Bookyes  
Wiproe.go Aero Alphayes  
Wiproe.go Classicyes  
Wiproe.go Lithium Proyes  
Wiproe.go Illumeyes  
Wiproe.go Senseyes