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Attractive and easy to use for newcomers to find out what we are, download and get support OI.
The three examples are clear, easy to navigate open source OSs. The anti-example isn't eye catching and doesn't lead the newcomer well imho


Oracle Solaris

Deano Calver

Has links to all the main components of the site from the home page, e.g. latest news, support, contribute etc. Friendly and simple to navigate.



Matt Wilby

A 'from to gnu/linux to OI' table (from ubuntu/fedora/etc... to OI) to help gnu/linux users to switch to OI



Jay Undernet

Decent Web-based Mailing list representation, so users have the option of support through mailing lists and web representation of mailing list, looking like forums. Ideally ML should be linked to contain the same information/postings.

Gentoo Linux


Matt Wilby,
Nikola M.

Web site: Have 'Core principles and expectations' - CPE (Code of Conduct) type of document represented on Openindiana web site.
Depends on: Openindiana governing body
Linked WIP article.
Project-FiFo Code of Conduct
FreeBSD Code of Conduct
 Adam Števko

Web site: Having user database and community members logging in on to Openindiana site.
It could allow tighter member integration and easier inclusion into projects.


UbuntuOneLogin Nikola M.
Web site: Projects pages , including projects members, linked to the packages/code
Depends on/Requires: User database, community members logging in. Nikola M.
Create Openindiana governing body
Depends/Requires: Projects pages, User database community members log in. Nikola M.
Examine other Operating system software distributions and their approaches to managing content (FreeBSD, PC-BSD)
 Michael Kruger