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This is a HowTo based on the OpenSource Linux Cluster solution PaceMaker/ Heartbeat.

Openindiana HA Cluster HOWTO and Package to install via pkgadd

nstaller script, 29.4.2012 (thanks to TheMoron, who send me the script)

Howto install:
Look at the scripts, first run on both nodes
setupHeartBeat on node 1 to create the configuration file (is copied to node 2 automatically)

after this: Pacemaker is installed and Heartbeat is running as a service

see install log at (work in progress, If you are experienced with PaceMaker/ hearbeat: Your contribution and help is welcome)

There is currently nobody working on the above solution.
Another effort is:

There is ongoing work to bring an up-to-date pacemaker + corosync or pacemaker + heartbeat into OpenIndiana. At the moment, I am missing heartbeat package (corosync has higher priority for me) and heartbeart.
The plan is to ship either of those combinations.

Documentation for HA+Pacemaker:

A Linux version of HA+Pacemaker setup.  Solaris OSes would need svcadm scripts to automatically start services at boot up.

My intention is to collect infos about a very basic entry level config build from two OI nodes.
You should be able to evaluate virtualized and build in hardware with the same config.

Example and goal:
A two node OI cluster with shared iSCSI or SAS storage and High Availability for CIFS and NFS services

Any suggestions for such a as easy as possible default (virtual and hardware) config, experiences, comments, persons working with it or on it..
please discuss at

This is my first cluster with this solution, so I need help to build such a default config.
I will write down my current state at
This is a open book, editable for all and I hope for a working config if some more users help to write such a first howto

A suggestion for an entry config from TheMoron with dual path shared storage: 
Supermicro 6036ST-6LR.  It is the base of Tegile's cluster config as well as iX's TrueNAS pro.
That system is active active hot pluggable, only $3K barebone, two motherboards with 16 dual path bays. 






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