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Getting Involved

OpenIndiana is a community-based project, it relies on contributions from the community. This page is intended to provide a rough overview over the different aspects of the project and opprtunities to contribute. It should be noted that contributions do not have to be technical in nature, marketing, providing documentation, artwork, or maintaining the website are just as important as building the OS.
Below is a brief general overview of different activities and taking place within the project, in addition there is a more specific list of open tasks. If you are interested in working in one of these areas or if you have further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can either personally contact one of the contact persons listed in each section below or post on the oi-dev mailing list list or in the #oi-dev IRC channel. Please also see whether the FAQ may be able to answer your questions.

It is strongly recommended for potential contributors to join the oi-dev mailing list mailing list and the #oi-dev IRC channel in order to get in touch with other developers and to follow development.

Overview of recurring tasks at the OpenIndiana Project

  • consolidation maintenance
  • release engeneering
  • triaging and fixing bugs, QA
  • project infrastructure maintenance, coordination with mirrors
  • operating mirrors
  • monitoring and handling security issues
  • documentation
  • website and wiki maintenance

Maintaining consolidations

OpenIndiana consists of a set of "consolidations", which are collections of software grouped together. Maintaining consolidations mainly involves integrating (importing, rebranding, applying OpenIndinana-specific fixes) and building consolidations from Oracle and Illumos. Please see Building the Operating System for some hints on how to set up a developmen environment and list of all consolidations as well as consolidation-specific build instructions.

Help with maintaining a consolidation, consolidation specific subtasks or release goals is always appreciated.

Contact: please contact one of the current maintainers listed on Human Resources or the oi-dev mailing list for consolidations without a regular maintainer


OpenIndiana currently lacks documentation directed at end-users but improvements to the developer documentation and the FAQ would be appreciated as well. Feel free to write on any topic that is of interest to you, examples for well-structured documentation are the or

Contact: oi-dev mailing list

Website and Wiki

The current website needs to be better organized and some content directed at end-users, some content could be taken from the wiki. The wiki needs to be restructured and outdated pages need to be removed or updated.

Contact: oi-dev mailing list

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