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TODO for the next snapshot (after 2015.03)

  • Perl 5.22
  • Add vlc to /hipster-encumbered
  • Add gstreamer plugins bad/ugly to /hipster-encumbered

TODO list and some ideas which could be good to do in longer perspective (cherry-picking)

  • Firefox 38.1.0esr
  • Python 3.4.3 - add modules
  • Debug different IPS issues - zoneproxy failures, facet issues (e.g. pkg fix python-34)
  • Port libvirt
  • Add fuse and some fuse modules (e.g., ntfs, ssh, ext4, xfs)

  • Add support for DilOS-branded (dpkg) zone

  • Replace developer/macro/cpp with open source version
  • Rebuild library/motif for binary compatibility

  • Provide clean-room implementation of service/management/sysidtool
  • Port LibreOffice to OI
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