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  • WIP* Openindiana Core Principles and Expectations - CPE (Code of Conduct)
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This document is not by any means official Openindiana core principles  and expectations (Code of Conduct).  It serves as a draft for editing  and discussing.
Mandating Code of conduct, requires OI governing body.
OI governing body requires creating it by delegated members of community.
Delegated members of community requires having registered active OI community members.

Once presented from Openindiana governing body, Openindiana core principles and expectations (Code of Conduct) can provide community guidelines, supporting productive, respectful and collaborative environment for any person contributing to the Openindiana.
Feel free to discuss changes under this mailing list topic:

*Proposed* Openindiana Core Principles and Expectations - CPE (Code of Conduct)

should be used by community member as general collaborative principles, including community-defined communications channels (Mailing lists, IRC, submitted patches, commit comments, etc.).

Core principles and expectations for Openindiana contributors and community members:

  • Respect and appreciate people's work, time, and effort.
  • Tolerate the right to have different views.
  • Recognize that your public actions determine the public perception of the project.
  • Participate while on topic, with personal remarks being not on topic at all times.
  • Interpret the words and actions of others, always assuming good intentions and providing good intentions.
  • Learn from others, be positive and teach others what you have learned.
  • Ask the community for confirmation of your actions and conclusions.
  • Do everything in open, transparently discussing anything.
  • Contribute in all ways, everyone can contribute.
  • Maintain welcoming environment for new contributors and guide them in contributions. Take your time, more then you were given.

Discouraged behavior:

  • No personal witch hunt, based on anything toward a person(s).
  • Advocating unsubscribing, other person removal, restrictions, filtering or personal negative public announcements.
  • Not recognizing critique as the source of inspiration to make Openindiana better.

Managing misuse escalation:

  • Point new and existing community members to Openindiana principles and expectations.
  • Inform and message community members to self-regulate it's own behavior.
  • If you feel needed, consult others about ways of accepting new and modifying existing behavior of community members.
  • If you find it important, contact per-groups maintainers, IRC Channel operators, Mailing list administrators, Web site maintainers, Wiki editors and Projects maintainers.
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