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Currently for most consolidations that are been updated upstream outside OpenIndiana, we maintain a mq patch queue (see Mercurial Queues) that holds our difference from the upstream.

We have a standardized system for which to store and apply this to produce and build OpenIndiana versions.

Mq is a Mercurial extension and must be turned on before use.
Edit your ~/.hgrc file and add

mq =

I'll use slim_source (see Caiman consolidation) and revision 151 as an example, but you can simply change both to other consolidations.

  1. First get the main non-mq repo:

    hg clone
  2. Then update to the revision you are working on:

    cd slim_source
    hg update Build151
  3. Then get the mq repo into .hg/patches:

    hg clone
  4. And now apply (push) all the patches:

    hg qpush -a

Now you have the latest OpenIndiana patched version of the consolidation.

Note: the qclone facility normally used to automate some of this, doesn't appear to work with the OpenIndiana mq patch repo, so we have to use the two clone method described above.

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