Our primary method of communication is via Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

We can be found in #openindiana on irc.freenode.net. This is a general discussion channel for everybody.

We also have a developer channel #oi-dev also on irc.freenode.net. This channel is for the developers of OpenIndiana to discuss technical details, it is not a support channel so if you have a non development problem or general question use #openindiana.

To connect to IRC you will require an IRC client. There are many to choose from, some popular choices include mIRC on Windows, Colloquy on the Mac, XChat or HexChat on Solaris/Linux/Unix or irssi if you're a unix command line junkie.

Echelog.matzon.dk kindly provides a bunch of nice IRC logs for a variety of opensource IRC projects, OpenIndiana logs are

OpenIndiana IRC log (#openindiana)

OpenIndiana dev IRC logs (#oi-dev)