The default installation of OpenIndiana does not have power button on the GDM login screen to allow people to shut down or restart the machine without logging in.

Solaris / OpenIndiana seems to be used primarily on enterprise class servers. In environments such as that, it is generally considered a security risk to have the servers be configured in such a way as to make it possible for a person to be able to shut it down without having to log in, or otherwise present valid credentials first.

For smaller, more informal environments such as ours, where we want others to be able to shut down our servers in the event of an emergency -- or for people using OpenIndiana on their desktops or laptops -- it's nice to have the capabilities to do this.

The following steps tell you how to do this.

1) Put the following in your /etc/gdm/custom.conf :


2) Put the following in your /etc/user_attr :


You can do it from the command line by executing this, as root:

echo "gdm::::type=normal;auths=solaris.system.shutdown" >> /etc/user_attr

3) Restart your machine.

You should then have a power button on the bottom right corner of your screen.

When you are at the machine locally, pressing this button should show a menu with options to either shut the computer down, or to reboot it.

When you are connected to the machine remotely, such as with VNC, that button should show you only one menu option, which is to disconnect from the machine.

I hope this helps!