The recommended OS to build OpenIndiana on will always be the latest development release at the time you are building. The exception to the OS rule is for bootstrapping OpenIndiana from OpenSolaris where you should have the latest development binary release (b134) installed which can be obtained from Genunix. (In case you want to upgrade an older OpenSolaris install to b134, follow 'How to upgrade to snv_134' on IllumOS).

The recommended build environment uses a patched Sun Studio version 12 to compile along side a patched Sun Studio 12.1 to provide the lint. Both compilers are available to download as tarballs from here:

Use the Sep 2009 download link for Sun Studio 12 here
Use the February 2010 download link for Sun Studio 12u1 here

Also see the IllumOS site, section 'Installing required packages', howto install the above Sun Studio packages.

Note: Sun Studio 12.2 is available but has not been tested so please do not use at this time.

Get GCC 3.4.3:

pkg install developer/gcc-3

Get CBE 1.7.0 from:

svn co svn+ssh:// jds-cbe

or The ./cbe-install script is not ment to be run as root. It has to be run as user with "Software Installation" or "Primary Administrator" rights! (See /etc/user_attr).

CBE source browser

Get GNU gettext 0.16.1 or higher:

Once you've setup and installed the recommended build environment, the build process can/shall be entirely done as user.