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  1. ZFS

    Next: Basic Terminology Preface Basic terminology Hardware and software requirements Pool layouts ZFS naming conventions Managing zpools   ZFS … -ZFS is main ZFS development project site. The innovation in ZFS comes from combining together a file system and a volume manager
    OpenIndianaMar 22, 2015
  2. ZFS naming conventions

    : Managing zpools   When naming a zpool or a dataset, following rules must be adhered to: A zpool or zfs dataset name can only consist of alphanumeric characters … device (c[0-9]) name of redundancy level (mirror, raidz, raidz1, raidz2, raidz3, spare) a percent sign ( % ) a word log A name of a ZFS dataset must start
    OpenIndianaSep 14, 2014
  3. Advanced - ZFS Pools as SMF services and iSCSI loopback mounts

    describes two related setups, the first one may be used by itself, and the second one builds on the first: configuration of non-root ZFS pool import-export … " mounting of a volume on the storage host as a container of another ZFS pool, possibly with some different storage strategies. Of course, such a pool-in-a-volume can
    OpenIndianaJan 05, 2015
  4. fs-root-zfs


    This script automates BE cloning along with ZFS attributes (compression, etc.) This script automates BE cloning along with ZFS attributes (compression, etc.)
  6. Hardware and software requirements

    lauoyts To use ZFS filesystem your operating system must implement it. illumos based distributions have full ZFS functionality: OpenIndiana, SmartOS, OmniOS, to name few. More complete list is maintained at illumos project web page FreeBSD has full ZFS implementation
    OpenIndianaSep 14, 2014
  7. 6. Storage

    Table of Contents 6.1 ZFS ZFS is the new filesystem/volume manager for OpenIndiana. It replaces UFS and the Solaris Volume Manager. 6.2 Solaris Volume Manager (SVM) 6.3 iSCSI 6.4 NFS 6.5 Fibre Channel + MPxIO 6.6 COMSTAR 6.7 Mounting and Unmounting ISO images 6.8 Mounting NTFS volume
    OpenIndianaJul 11, 2013
  8. Basic terminology

    and software requirements Zpool and ZFS versions. TBD.     ZFS was a shot at rearchitecting filesystem and volume manager into one, easily administered … are complete operating system images on the hard disk, capable of booting up the system. When operating system is installed with ZFS as root filesystem, many boot
    OpenIndianaOct 04, 2014
  9. Using OpenIndiana as a storage server

    systems. We'll explore several options below with some hints for clarification on how to make them work.  One thing to keep in mind if sharing a zfs file … below: $ zfs create -o casesensitivity=mixed -o nbmand=on yourpool/share NFS It's very simple to export an NFS share using zfs tools. The command below
    OpenIndianaMar 04, 2012
  10. Advanced - Creating an rpool manually

    of the pool should not be compressed, so as to not confuse GRUB which has a limited support of ZFS (though recent developments added support for compression=lz4 … algorithm – they are only processed and mounted by the illumos kernel with complete ZFS support. While it may be possible to set dedup on a root pool
    OpenIndianaJan 04, 2015