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  • 1. Introduction
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1.1 Synopsis

Welcome to OpenIndiana! It is a enterprise grade operating system based on illumos project. Its roots are in highly regarded Oracle Solaris operating system and its open source variant: OpenSolaris.

OpenIndiana takes on the development of OpenSolaris from place, where it was dropped as a project truly open to the community.

This handbook is aimed at providing comprehensive source of knowledge for both new and seasoned Unix administrators. From first installation to configuration to every day administration and maintenance, all will be introduced to you in this document.

While we strive to be comprehensive and give you the most complete picture, some topics within OpenIndiana administration can be too complex to be described in a book that wants to introduce all topics. In such cases external sources of information will be pointed out - this wiki, other web pages, man pages or printed books.

1.2 About OpenIndiana

To cite the OpenIndiana front page:

OpenIndiana is a robust enterprise operating system, based on OpenSolaris. It is open source, free to use, community developed, suitable for use on servers and desktops, and available for immediate download.

OpenIndiana and Solaris technologies provide the best platform available today, with cutting edge features, many of which cannot be found on other operating systems:

  • ZFS – the last word in filesystems
  • Zones – a Lightweight Virtualisation Technology
  • SMF – the Service Management Facility for software lifecycle control
  • IPS – a next generation network based package management system
  • FMA – the Fault Management Architecture
  • COMSTAR – an enterprise SCSI Target system supporting iSCSI/iSER/FC/FCOE
  • Crossbow – a next generation fully virtualised high performance network stack
  • DTrace – an extensive, deep diagnosis and debugging framework
  • Boot Environments – transactional operating system upgrades with rollback
  • RBAC – Role Based Access Control, for granting least-privilege access to processes and users
  • IPMP – IP Multipathing provides high availability networking and greater bandwidth
  • Integrated L3/L4 kernel mode Load Balancer
  • Integrated VRRP IP failover facility

OpenIndiana provides true enterprise features that place it on a level above the competition. OpenIndiana is the best enterprise server operating system, whether you're just hosting a blog, providing cloud computing facilities, or running a petabyte storage system.

OpenIndiana also provides a Live CD which installs a full GNOME environment, providing a compelling desktop operating system on a rock solid foundation.

1.3 About Illumos

Project illumos is aimed at sustaining the momentum and community behind once active OpenSolaris project, founded by Sun Microsystems to allow Solaris operating systems community to participate in the development of next major version. After the acquisition of Sun Microsystems by Oracle Corporation the project was shut down. Oracle stated that is not logical to open internals of one of their key assets. While we're not to agree or disagree with Oracle, we took the freedom of forking the source code and allow further community led development.

1.4 What's special about oi?

OpenIndiana managed to first real community centric distribution of first OpenSolaris and now illumos operating system. Development and hosting sponsored by EveryCity Co., led by Alasdairr Lumsen, OpenIndiana managed to become de facto distribution for illumos developers and users for a very long time.

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