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Hipster 2018.04 is here

We are glad to announce that Hipster 2018.04 snapshot is available.

List of mirrors:


 This release is signed and verifiable by GPG. The OpenIndiana Release Engineering key has key id 0x3a021afadbe31887.

 The public key:


How to verify:

  • Download <ISO>.sig file from mirror
  • Run: gpg2 --verify <ISO>.sig <ISO>. You should see the following output:

  • Even if the output includes:

    gpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!
    gpg: There is no indication that the signature belongs to the owner.

    The signature is still correct.

General system changes

Userland software is rebuilt with GCC 6. As old GCC 4 runtime libraries are still delivered to /usr/lib, automatic checks and cleanup is applied to remove harmful RUNPATHs (/usr/lib, /usr/lib/amd64 and so on) from binaries. illumos-gate is still compiled with patched GCC 4.4.

Kernel Page-Table Isolation (KPTI) was enabled to mitigate recent security issues in Intel CPUs (thanks to Joyent's Alex Wilson, John Levon, and Robert Mustacchi for their hard work on this).

GNOME 2 desktop was removed. A lot of applications were fixed not to depend on GNOME 2 libraries (including OpenIndiana-specific software like Network Auto-Magic GUI (nwam-manager), Time Slider and GUI installer).

Linked images support was enhanced to include zoneproxy support, so that ipkg zones without connection to Internet can update their software via global zone's proxy. Administration documentation is available in zones section of OpenIndiana Handbook.

MATE desktop applications are now delivered as 64-bit-only.

UPower was integrated.

Internet/Intranet Input Method (IIIM) was removed (IBus is kept).

Work on delivering 64-bit-only applications continues.

Note, that although shipped ISO and USB images support booting in UEFI mode, it's still work in progress. VGA console is not supported when system is booted in UEFI mode and installer still misses some steps to create bootable UEFI images.

Desktop software and libraries

  • GNOME 2 was removed. Corresponding GNOME 3 applications were added where necessary (totem, gnome-keyring, seahorse, vino among others).
  • libunique, at-spi, libgnome-desktop and Python GNOME bindings were removed. Dependent applications were ported to pure GTK2/GTK3. Removal of GNOME 2 libraries is still in progress.
  • Xorg server was updated to version 1.19.6, Xorg libraries and drivers were also updated as well.

  • VirtualBox video driver compatible with Xorg 1.19 is available.
  • UPower 0.99.7 and MATE Power Manager were added. ConsoleKit patches to support Suspend/Hibernate D-Bus API were backported. LightDM and MATE applications were updated to work with the new ConsoleKit functionality.
  • MATE was recompiled as 64-bit and applications updated to latest versions of 1.18 branch.

  • Firefox was updated to 52.7.3
  • VLC was updated to 2.2.8
  • Thunderbird was updated to 52.7.0
  • NVIDIA driver was updated to 340.106

  • Gnumeric was updated to 1.12.39

Note that PulseAudio is now delivered as 64-bit application and as a consequence its configuration files are now incompatible with the previous version. If pulseaudio fails to start after the update, just remove ~/.config/pulse directory.

Common tools and libraries

  • zsh was updated to 5.4.2
  • Midnight Commander was updated to 4.8.20
  • fish was updated to 2.7.0

Development tools and libraries

  • GCC 6.4.0 is the default OpenIndiana userland compiler.

  • GCC 7 was updated to 7.3.0
  • Jenkins was updated to  2.89.4 (LTS) and 2.108

  • OpenJDK 8 was updated to 1.8.162

  • Erlang was updated to 19.3
  • Mercurial was updated to 4.5.3
  • git was updated to 2.16.2
  • Memcached was updated to 1.4.37
  • PHP versions were updated to 5.6.35 and 7.0.29

Server software

  • PostgreSQL versions 9.4 thru 10 were updated to their latest minor versions. PostgreSQL 9.3 was removed (9.4 is the default now).

  • MariaDB 10.1, Percona Server 5.6 and 5.7 were updated to latest minor versions.

  • CouchDB 2.1 was added.
  • ISC Bind was updated to 9.10.6-P1
  • ISC DHCP server was updated to 4.3.6-P1
  • Squid was updated to 3.5.27
  • nginx was updated to 1.14.0
  • Apache HTTP 2.4 was updated to 2.4.33
  • Samba was updated to 4.5.16

  • Node.js was updated to 6.14.0 and 8.11.1

A lot of other bug fixes and minor software updates are included.

Several significant OpenIndiana userland changes were introduced. In resolve step pkgdepend resolve searches for dependencies only in REQUIRED_PACKAGES and packages, provided by current component. OpenIndiana userland automatic tooling now detects and removes standard library directories from RUNPATH  (/lib, /usr/lib, /lib/$(MACH64), /usr/lib/$(MACH64)). Component build bitness (i.e. whether to deliver 64-bit binaries in /usr/bin) now can be controlled by PREFERRED_BITS macros (64 or 32, defaults to 32).

It's worth noting that automated test tool/framework performs installation image generation and testing on a frequent basis.

As always, we are proud to ship the latest illumos-gate bits (47b8d4b884).