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This article explains how to enable Virtual Terminals/Virtual Consoles (VT). They are used to switch between terminals and using system in text mode with  Ctrl+Alt+F1,F2..F8 key combinations.


Currently, switching to VTs using Ctrl+Alt+Fn during current desktop session (at VT7) can result in X server and lightdm (or gdm) restarting and stopping all applications running within it.
Currently, there could be problems with getting back to gdm/Xorg session if switching to VTs after gdm restart. Use svcadm restart ligthdm (or svcadm restart gdm) command again, to have lightdm/gdm Xorg session restarted at VT8 (Ctrl+Alt+F8).
It is required that you have appropriate role privileges for services administration,using administrative account and commands like pfexec or sudo

At fresh Openindiana install,VT/Consoles are not enabled by default. One needs to set up vtdaemon and console-login:vt2 (till :vt6) and enable vtdaemon options/hotkeys property:

pfexec svcadm enable vtdaemon
pfexec svcadm enable console-login:vt2
pfexec svcadm enable console-login:vt3
pfexec svcadm enable console-login:vt4
pfexec svcadm enable console-login:vt5
pfexec svcadm enable console-login:vt6

( Or do that in one-liner Bash script: )

for i in 2 3 4 5 6 ; do pfexec svcadm enable console-login:vt$i; done;

Then, enable options/hotkeys property (Ctrl+Alt+Fn) to switch VTs and refresh and restart vtdaemon service:

pfexec svccfg -s vtdaemon setprop options/hotkeys=true
pfexec svcadm refresh vtdaemon
pfexec svcadm restart vtdaemon

Optionally, you can also disable VT consoles auto screen locking: (recommended for personal use, not recommended on server)

pfexec svccfg -s vtdaemon setprop options/secure=false

After this you can start using Virtual Terminals (Virtual Consoles) Pressing Ctrl+Alt+F2, Cterl+Alt+F3..
Please read Notices at the beginning of this article, how using of VT consoles, currently restarts running gdm/Xorg desktop session. Use svcadm restart lightdm (or svcadm restart gdm) and Ctrl+Alt+F7 / Ctrl+Alt+F8 to get back to desktop.

Article inspired by Danx Virtual Consoles article.

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