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ZFS is the new filesystem/volume manager for OpenIndiana. It replaces UFS and the Solaris Volume Manager.

  • 6.2 Solaris Volume Manager (SVM)
  • 6.3 iSCSI
  • 6.4 NFS
  • 6.5 Fibre Channel + MPxIO
  • 6.6 COMSTAR
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  1. Hello,
    How to setup a SCSI target cluster to enable fail-over across 2 nodes' storage? Say, if one node gets crashed, the other node can take care of scsi target managed previously by the crashed node automatically and continues to respond to upper I/Os arriving at this scsi target.


    Nai Yan

  2. When detailed documentation can complete for storage section here? Or I can refer to Opensolaris documentation about storage for the time being?


    Nai Yan.