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AMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack from OpenIndiana

Conveniently, there is already a metapackage in IPS for installing a complete AMP stack in your OpenIndiana environment.

pfexec pkg install feature/amp

Best practice would be to install this inside of a local zone .

main problem: to v ery up to date

AMP (Apache, MySQL with PHPmyadmin, PHP and Redis)

This unsupported community project is a free add-on to napp-it
It currently installs (please check for newest add-on):

wget -O -  | perl
installs (via pkgin repository from Joyent)

  • Apache 2.4.17
  • mySQL 5.6.28 (database)
  • Redis 3.05 (ultrafast in memory database)
  • PHP 5.6.18
  • PHPMyadmin

Other add-ons based on AMP like Owncloud are also available

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  1. Some guidelines/suggestions for mysql, apache, samba etc.....

    1. Luckily this is super easy to install on OpenIndiana.

      1. Anonymous

        Sharing these super easy details would be nice......

        1. Anonymous

          Like the line at the top says, run
          pfexec pkg install amp

          After that completes you'll have to configure apache, mysql, and maybe php as normal after you install them.

          1. Anonymous

            Configuring Apache is pretty easy, except the the defaults settings are pretty strict.

            Configuring MySQL is the bitterpart, I got everything working including the daemon except I can't connect into the database from apache no matter what.

            So far, the default settings are too strict for easy "wordpress-ing".

            Gonna use XMAMP instead, better documentation too.

  2. This is baffling:

    I am trying to setup Apache for eliminating web page hijacking according to the document that is originally from Sun. 

    1. mkdir /shared/logs
    2. mkdir /shared/run

    Then later for the zone:

    1. add fs
    2. set dir=/var/apache2/run
    3. set special=/shared/run
    4. set options=[rw,nodevices,nosuid,noexec]
    5. set type=lofs
    6. end

    The above is the same for /var/apache2/logs and special=/shared/logs and both directories in the global zone are webservd:webservd.  In the zone config it has /var/apache2 options set to ro,nodevices,nosuid,noexec.

    When attempting to boot the zone it gives errors:

    zone 'web': Could not mkdir /zones/web/root/var/apache2/logs.

    zone 'web': It is on a read-only file system in this local zone.

    zone 'web': Make sure /var/apache2/logs exists in the global zone.

    zone 'web': failed to create mount point

    zoneadm: zone 'web': call to zoneadmd failed

    This is completely bizarre because /var/apache2/run does mount fine.  /shared/logs and /shared/run do exist and that is the lofs with special for /var/apache2/logs.

    Why is it not mounting while /var/apache2/run does mount?  When I remove fs /var/apache2/logs from the zone config it will boot.

    1. I also have /shared/logs set to read-only in the data zone and I can delete files.