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There are at least three different possible approaches for Active Directory authentication and each has its pros and cons.

  1. Use the new native AD integration with idmap, nss_ad and kclient, this will work with CIFS and NFS out of the box.
  2. Use Kerberos and LDAP (kclient, ldapclient, pam_krb5 and nss_ldap).
  3. Use windbind (pam_winbind and nss_winbind).

1. Native AD integration

  • Pro: fully integrated and native tools only
  • Cons: works only for Solaris (Openindiana) CIFS and NFS service, unless you use enable directory-based name mapping and install IDMU (Identity Management for UNIX) on the AD server like in 2.

Native AD integration

2. Kerberos and LDAP

  • Pro: fully integrated with native tools only
  • Cons: requires installation of additional role services (IDMU, Identity Management for UNIX) on the Active Directory side

Kerberos and LDAP

3. winbind

  • Pro: easy setup, no AD modification
  • Cons: depends on 3rd party software (Samba), group membership resolution didn't work when testing


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