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The Artwork Project is a community-established process for defining a look and feel for OpenIndiana.

Where to begin?

We're currently needing ideas for motifs/themes. See the related page for details.


The Artwork Project will use a three step system for generating artwork for a specific version of OpenIndiana (this however, will depend on how the release cycle will actually work. Most likely major releases would have new artwork, while minor updates won't have major appearance changes)


Contributors can submit artwork samples or other materials that would propose or suggest a general motif for that version's artwork and design. Once the submission process is closed, developers and users may deliberate and vote on which motif they would like to see form the final artwork. The motif would have to work across multiple aspects of the OpenIndiana brand, including:

  • Wallpapers
  • Splash screens
  • GNOME theme (JDS window border, controls, icons, etc) and other utilities
  • Marketing materials (website, CD labels, flyers, etc)


Based off the motif, contributors may now discuss and ultimately decide ways to implement the motif within the distribution.


Once the artwork is ready (or as elements of it are ready), it can then be incorporated into its relevant locations in the distribution (packages, etc)


Right now, there is currently no dedicated outlet for discussing the artwork project, aside from the wiki (which does have powerful collaborative abilities to begin with). If demand calls for it, a mailing list for such activities could be established. The entire process will be as open as possible in order to allow for views, opinions, and concerns to be acknowledged

This is a rough page, so things will begin to diverge and change sooner or later, don't worry.

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  1. Whilst my art skills are best left un-mentioned ;) I personally would like to see the style be very modern, Web 2.0, HTML5, shiny fancy, bit blingy and extrovert. OI is a new OS and whilst it has an old soul I think it should brand itself as a reboot or re-imagining of its older ancestors, and its art should reflect that new beginning...

    Just my 2p

    1. That could work good... for the website of course.

  2. Anonymous

    >...the current logo doesn't really work well in smaller graphics (such as the menu icons, web site favicons, etc.); could this be something for us to deal with?

    I think that the OI logo (icon) should be re-drawn using bolder fonts. Currently letters are too tiny and are lost, e.g. when a menu item is highlighted.

  3. Anonymous

    >We're currently needing ideas for motifs/themes.

    Obviously this is needed for the website.

    As for the OS itself, a good logo and background image are enough (currently both need improvement) - the rest is the Nimbus theme which is perfect IMHO, and bears OpenSolaris look and feel.

    1. Solaris 11 still uses the Nimbus theme (but with a tacky O icon wedged into the icon theme - geez Solaris had a logo you know. In before you call it all Oracle OS 11g, or at least make it just the O in black)

      I want to move away from the OpenSolaris style branding and create our own unique look and feel.

      1. Anonymous

        >I want to move away from the OpenSolaris style branding and create our own unique look and feel.

        Would be nice. Not easy to implement though. To create a good GNOME theme, one needs to be a real artwork professional. How many good GNOME or Firefox themes are there? I can count them using one hand fingers.

          1. Anonymous

            >So. What are they?


            • Nimbus;
            • Clearlooks.


            • Default;
            • Past Modern.
        1. Anonymous

          To create a new theme is clearly a reflection of brand values.The issue is about acquisition of resources and skills.The aim is to provide opportunity to kick start a graphics community.Two issues spring to mind would you except commercial sponsors for themes? Will you allow them to place a small marketing logo on a wallpaper for a defined time say 15000 downloads in return for sponsorship ? Would you hold a competition with prizes to the graphics world,software vendors,ISP's or hardware vendors.Clearly sites like deviant art are obvious competition vehicles for this? You just need a sponsorship prize of worth.

          1. You've got to be kidding me. I'm pretty sure this isn't an advertising-supported project

            1. Anonymous

              This refers to MARKETING not advertising or selling? National Geo has some great pictures we could have in return for acknowledgement where they came from.How is this different from branded desktop programs from Mozilla or Adobe?

  4. Anonymous

    I'm not sure where to log this comment but in designing the look of OpenIndiana I would appreciate it if attention was paid to legibitity. For example, on the current login screen, we have a medium to dark blue background with the words: Username: or Password: and the machine name in a smallish black font. With my lousy vision I can barely see it, let alone read it. Beautiful artwork is wonderful but please remember that it has to be functional as well.

    Sorry if I posted this to the wrong place.

    1. Anonymous

      +1 on that! I posted a similar comment elsewhere some time ago. You're not the only one with lousy vision.

  5. Anonymous

    Please head over to to leave your suggestions and comments so far ? Thanks

  6. Anonymous

    As a suggestion the logo and colour scheme should convey three main associations

    1)Business and Enterprise
    2)Proof of concept and commercial quality
    3)Instantly recognizable above language and cultural barriers

    Head over to deviant art to take a look at some ideas on gnome


  7. I am in the process of preparing some concept material and have posted some more ideas on flickr for hipster 2015

    Please would you give me some feedback!


    1. Looks fine: modern, attractive. Nice job!

  8. Mission Statement for website


    'To make OiOS the open source system of choice for the Enterprise Server,Desktop,Mobily,and Cloud enablement'