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The following pages discuss branding of the OpenIndiana project.

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  1. Anonymous

    I successfully upgraded an snv_134 installation to OI_147.  I noted that the VB installation was an old one so I uninstalled it & attempted to install VB 3.2.8.  The installer would not install the bits for USB integration.  I think this was due to the rebranding.  It no longer thought that I was doing this on OpenSolaris, so it thought I should be using the OSE version.  There is a comment in the "Installing or Upgrading" section about using VB from the repository, but I do not find one. How do I fix this USB problem?

  2. Anonymous

    Can some guidance be given regarding what license these logo artworks are distributed under?

    1. It appears that the current logo is MIT licensed.

  3. Anonymous

    To be clear....if a graphic artist created a wallpaper for OI could he post it on the web with the OI logo on it and comply with MIT?

  4. Anonymous

    I got the following error when trying to upgrade from 2010.05 to OpenIndiana. What could I have done wrong?

    dan@opensolaris:~# uname -a
    SunOS opensolaris 5.11 snv_134b i86pc i386 i86pc
    dan@opensolaris:~# pfexec pkg image-update -vCreating Plan /Planning for install failed:
    Use -v option for more details

    pkg: No matching version of package/pkg can be installed:
    pkg://,5.11-0.147:20100914T035208Z: This version is excluded by installed incorporation pkg://,5.11-

    pkg://,5.11-0.147:20110720T213831Z: This version is excluded by installed incorporation pkg://,5.11-

    pkg://,5.11-0.148:20101122T085607Z: This version is excluded by installed incorporation pkg://,5.11-

    pkg://,5.11-0.148:20110720T213932Z: This version is excluded by installed incorporation pkg://,5.11-

    I followed the guide in

    Anyway, is there a place for people to file issues/bugs/enhancement requests?

  5. Anonymous

    Has anyone thought about registering the "OpenIndiana" trademark? Just something to think about.

    D. Michael Paxton, Esq.
    Indianapolis, Indiana, USA


    Graphics Specification and Guidance

    We should all be mindful as to the OiOS ultimate graphics goals whether from corporate sponsorship or individual graphics contributors. There are no end of artwork ideas and wonderful creations from all sorts of skills levels.However to focus ideas the following specifications have been identified after an extensive period of assessment.

    A summation of direction and marketing plan for Graphics formation guidance, would be as follows:


    Placement historic market segment : Enterprise Data Centres, SME (Small, Medium, size Enterprises) and Professional Users.

    Product offerings: Enterprise Server, Enterprise Desktop and Enterprise Cloudstation.

    Colours identified in these market segments : Blacks,Silver,Greys,White,and Mid range reds,on the colour wheel.

    Graphics outlooks : minimalistic,easily changeable (with low resource input), adaptable, and subject matter associated with sector.

    Scalable and identifiable for inclusion within tight confines of build (possibly maximum of 4 digits or logo space).

    Must be restful on the eyes for long periods of use but provide enough contrast for visually impaired users.


    When encouraging contributors it must be relevant to these guideline.

    Good example of theme suited for Oi :