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This section is for build reports:

SNV_134 on SNV_134 succeeded

SNV_137 on SNV_134 failed

SNV_138 on SNV_134 succeeded

Post build checks

After building onnv several logs are placed in the directory $CODEMGR_WS/log/ run/
$CODEMGR_WS path is set in or
In case of the path is /export/builds/OpenIndiana_b[onnv_number]/onnv-gate

Files to check after a build are:

  • nightly.log
  • mail_msg

This contains the full log, and is therefore quite large at least 70Mb.
To check for possible errors use the following two searches.

grep -n "not remade" nightly.log
grep -n "\*\*\* Error" nightly.log

Please see the known issue section below Known issues in build reports


This contains the build summary.
It will be mailed to you, if you are STAFFER.
There should be no errors present.
These sample build summaries are available for reference

Known issues in build reports

ONNV 138
Source: 20100806 irc openindiana chat

02:41 storkone I did got two occurrences of "*** Error code 1 (ignored)" Each time following this line /export/builds/OpenIndiana_b138/onnv-gate/usr/src/cmd/perl/5.8.4/distrib/ext/Errno I don't knw what to make out of it. I can put the complete error on the wiki if anybody wants to look at it.
02:48 McBofh storkone: those perl5.8.4 errors can be ignored, as long as they're in the "make clobber" output section

02:57 storkone McBofh: they both were in the "Make clobber" section. Do you know if these two errors are also present in more recent builds?
02:58 McBofh they've been for freakin' ever
03:02 McBofh storkone: the "Validating manifests..." messages are due to an error in the way the closedbins were built. This was fixed as part of 6593513 make nightly -O cheaper on 21 April 2010, part of build 139

03:03 McBofh and the messages about libilb's debug info was resolve in snv_142 with 6908185 ilbadm and libilb include debug information which changes every build

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