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The sic_team consolidation consists of the Netscape Network Security Services libraries (NSS and NSS for Java), and have package prototypes in mozilla-central.

NSPR and NSS Build instructions:

OI_148 originally was packaged with NSS 3.12.7 and NSPR 4.8.6.

Download source tarball from:

make sure cc is at /opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc and gmake as /usr/bin/gmake.

cd to mozilla/security/nss and "gmake nss_build_all".

JSS Build instructions:

Download the source tarball from:

unpack the tarball from inside the nss-3.12.9 directory.

cd to mozilla/security/jss and "JAVA_HOME=/usr/java gmake"


pfexec pkg install developer/java/ant

copy to

ant getlibs


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