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Deprecation warning

The page has been migrated to . Avoid touching this wiki page.

The unified build system oi-userland is subject to constant improvement.

Whenever you modify or update a components, please look through the following ongoing tasks:

  1. Fix paths to make rules:
    Use macros for paths: $(WS_TOP)/make-rules and explicit paths should be replaced with $(WS_MAKE_RULES).
  2. Remove any resolve.deps file:
    They are artifacts of an older dependency system and should be deleted.

    If the list of required packages (runtime dependencies) is not present at the end of the component Makefile, use 'gmake REQUIRED_PACKAGES' to add it (see Best Practices).
  4. Add build dependencies:
    Some build dependencies are not detected by the build system, look for instance in and add the packages for REQUIRED_PACKAGES manually in a separate list.
  5. For component depending on JPEG libraries:
    Make the transition to libjpeg8-turbo.
  6. Look if the component is queued for update with GCC 7.1 and cherry-pick existing changes from this branch.
  7. Doxygen update:
    Since the update to 1.8.13 the HTML documentation is generated differently.
  8. Move binaries to 64-bit only:
    Libraries are still delivered as 32- and 64-bit but binaries are converted to 64-bit only. For autotools-based components set:

Feel free to ask for help on the IRC or developer mailing-list.

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