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OpenIndiana Governing Council (OIGC)

5 Members. TBC. Nominations and voting/elections after oi_148.

Nominations Thus Far:

  1. Alasdair Lumsden
  2. Tom Kranz

OpenIndiana Developer Council (OIDC)

  • Alasdair Lumsden
  • Albert Lee
  • Chris Ridd
  • Guido Berhörster
  • James O'Gorman
  • Yasushi Taki
  • Jon Tibble
  • Julian Wiesener
  • Andrzej Szeszo



Team Leader / Contact Person

Team Members

Infrastructure Team

Jeppe Toustrup

James O'Gorman
Alasdair Lumsden

Release Engineering

Albert Lee

James O'Gorman

Consolidation Builders


Julian Wiesener  
Guido Berhörster
Jon Tibble
Colin Ellis 

Website, Wiki & Marketing

Bo Maryniuk

Jeppe Toustrup
Chris Mosetick

Globalization (g11n/i18n/L10n)

Aszeszo and Trisk

Bugs & QA Team

Julian Wiesener

Albert Lee
Ken Mays 
Jon Tibble
Jay udn
Alessio C
Ryo Murakawa
Eric Freeman
Bill Blum 

Security Team

Ivan Kirkpatrick

Jon Tibble

Graphics Team


Nora Petrova

Documentation Team


Alexandre Borges

Caiman Consolidation

Jon Tibble

JDS Consolidation

Guido Berhörster

ON (Illumos) Consolidation

Albert Lee

PKG Consolidation

Jon Tibble

SFW Consolidation

Jon Tibble

Matt Wilby (SPARC)

XNV Consolidation

Julian Wiesener

Colin Ellis

VPanels Consolidation

Jon Tibble

admin Consolidation

sic_team Consolidation

solaris_re Consolidation

Albert Lee

Core Contributors List


IRC Nickname

Email Address


Brief Blurb

Alasdair Lumsden


alasdairrr at gmail


Project Founder

Kevin J. Woolley


kjw at

Sysadmin IRL, maintains

Albert Lee


trisk at opensolaris


Kernel engineer at Nexenta, Project Groupie

Jeppe Toustrup


openindiana at <my nick> .dk

Sysadmin IRL, does some infra on OI

Andrzej Szeszo


aszeszo at gmail dot com

Minor contributions here and there

Julian Wiesener


jw at vtoc dot germany

Minor contributions here and there

James O'Gorman


james at netinertia dot co dot uk


Sysadmin IRL, does some infra on OI, working on ports tree

Tom Kranz


tom at siliconbunny dot com

Sysadmin, consultant, help out where I can

Ken Mays


maybird1776 at


Community HCL Maintainer/OI_151 Project Manager, XFCE 4.8 Maintainer (SFE)

Sevan Janiyan


venture37 at gmail dot com

SA/consultant, drinker of tea, practical paranoid 

Guido Berhörster


guido at

JDS maintainer, buildsystem

Jon Tibble


meths at btinternet dot com



Bryan Leaman




Working on stable branch

Matt Wilby


mwilby at gmail dot com


Sysadmin, help out where and when I can

Colin Ellis


panamayacht at gmail dot com


XNV maintainer

Bart Coddens


bart dot coddens at gmail dot com


Sysadmin, help out with writing docs and testing things

Deano Calver




Jay Undernet


jay.udn at gmail dot com



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1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    where can I submit marketing material?

    where could we post members screenshots on the website?

    Does anyone have an objection to get a domain name under google for OI as a not for Profit org? It maybe the quickest way to spread globally?

    twitter: openbabel