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Linked images were introduced in OpenIndiana Hipster 2015.10. When you work with traditional "ipkg" zones IPS knows about them. It can perform operations on zones from GZ (like pkg update -r) and it checks that NGZ's and GZ's publishers are consistent, i.e., all GZ's publishers are present in NGZ and their stickiness, origin and publisher order match. Zone can have additional publishers, but they should follow NGZ's publishers.These restrictions are aimed to maintain consistency between GZ and NGZ's. It can be convenient for production servers, but is a disaster for development environments. To support such environments nlipkg zone brand was introduced. It behaves like old "non-linked" ipkg brand. To use this brand you should have system/zones/brand/nlipkg package installed and during zone creation use "create -t OInlipkg" command, do "set brand=nlipkg" or change brand definition to "nlipkg" in /etc/zones/zonename.xml. If you change zone's brand from ipkg to nlipkg by hands for existing zone, you also have to remove /var/pkg/linked directory inside zone.

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