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This page move here from the OI-DOCS website. It contains a list of general ideas and suggestions for improving the OpenIndiana Project and the software it provides to the community. Some of the items in this list have already been implemented.

Improving the OpenIndiana Project


For expert community building guidance from a seasoned OpenSolaris veteran, see Jim Grisianzio's communities page.

Governance Board

At this time the OpenIndiana project does not have a formal governance board. Creating a formal governance board would help steer the OpenIndiana project.

Code of Conduct

At this time the OpenIndiana project does not have a formal code of conduct. Creating a formal code of conduct would be a healthy step towards ensuring harmony within the project.

Public Relations

Public relations is an important aspect of project management, even if it's limited to updating 3rd party websites as to the current status of the project.

3rd party websites

Hipster News

  • Current events with OI Hipster distro
  • OI/illumos news stories
  • Featured new packages
  • Tips and Tricks

Download mirrors

  • Some of the currently listed mirrors are offline or outdated.
    • Need to update the landing pages for some of the mirrors.
  • Really need a North American mirror.
  • Provide more ways of trying out oi
    • Vagrant box for virtualbox is done
    • KVM and VMware are still needed

Package submission and maintenance

  • Make contributing and maintaining packages super easy - it should be dead simple to add new package

OS Modernizations

  • Modernize our base system - cron, syslog, mta etc so people get a software they are expected to find on any modern linux distro

Support forum

  • While the project as irc and ml, perhaps a user forum would be helpful as well.

Other Periodic Website Updates

  • Publish new pictures for the Community and update the Roadmap every 6 months

Software wish list to make the desktop more usable

  • The desktop is really what makes OpenIndiana Hipster unique among all the different illumos distributions.
    • The project should really capitalize on the desktop, and by extension include lots of GUI software.

Alternate Desktops

Audio/Video Editing

Benchmarking tools

Development tools

Desktop publishing

Ebook Tools

File Backup

File Sharing

File Storage


Media Center

Password Manager


Systems Automation

  • Puppet - Hipster repo has package - version 3.6.2

System Monitoring

Virtualization - OpenIndiana as a Host

Virtualization - OpenIndiana as a Guest

Web browsers

Suggestions for improving elements of the distro itself

Wiki Improvements

Wiki Usability on Mobile Devices

The OpenIndiana Wiki does not render well on mobile devices.

  • The left hand navigation menu is completely absent when browsing the Wiki from Android phones and tablets.

Possible solutions:

  • Add in page navigation menus
  • Replace the Wiki with a mobile aware Wiki
  • Replace the Wiki with a user forum
  • Replace the Wiki as part of a larger web presence transformation

Need to Create a Wiki Style Guide

Should the Wiki be retained, it may be helpful to create a Wiki style guide. This would be very helpful by ensuring consistency between the different pages. It may also be helpful to modify the existing CSS to help improve the aesthetics of the site.

Possible suggestions
  • This would be very helpful for providing some consistency between different pages.
    • Use horizontal lines (top and bottom) to separate code blocks from the text body.
    • Makes it easier to tell what is or isn't code. Also provides for a more efficient use of space (don't have to use so many line breaks).
  • Develop standards for displaying certain types of information...e.g. code blocks, commands, tips, warnings, info, etc.
  • consider whether it's possible to enable Wiki page navigation by placing breadcrumbs navigational elements within the page itself, rather than relying entirely on Wiki navigation menu in left hand navigation pane.

  • Can look at other Illumos Wikis for ideas and inspiration

Some notes for updating Wiki pages

While replacing the Wiki with some kind of continuous integration content management system would likely be the most ideal solution, there are still things which can be done to help improve the Wiki.

Clean up old user comments
  • Many, many comments from 2010 - 2012.
    • Probably a good idea to clean these up and incorporated the information into the page as appropriate.
    • Comments with such old timestamps suggests little site activity has occurred in last 4-5 years.
Mark old pages for deprecation
  • Go through the Wiki and mark content as obsolete.
  • Retain items of value and either pull them into the new handbook (if it's helpful for new users), or set it aside for reference when updating the OpenSolaris books.
  • Reorganize things which are not being moved.

WordPress Improvements

Improve the presentation of reference materials

illumos and OpenIndiana HCL's

Publishing man pages online

  • Start a discussion about getting the Hipster man pages published.
    • illumos core man pages are available on
    • OI specific man pages are not published.
<leoric> looking at Ubuntu dhcp.conf online man page, I thought it would be good to have automatic extractor and search interface, extracting man pages from package repository and publishing them on OI site... <alanc> covers the illumos ones, but not all the other packages <leoric> I know about illumos man pages, but thought about all available man pages <alanc> yeah, I figured that's what you meant 

Links to source code

The future of OpenIndiana's web presence

  • The current OI website is a marked improvement over what previously existed. But anything that is already good can be further improved.
  • We should begin a strategic discussion about the future direction of web content in general.
    • e.g. do we continue using CMS systems, or start looking at static html?
  • Wondering if we can expand on the Hipster name, perhaps by theming the website in a similar manor.
  • Hipster denotes something trendy, or in fashion, etc., the website theme should exploit this in some way.
  • Could try something some like big fashionable buttons as follows:
Button labelURL points to
Get itHipster Downloads
Install itInstallation Guidance/Tutorials/Instructions
Use itHipster Handbook
Discuss itOI Mailing lists/IRC, etc.
Extend itDeveloper Handbook


  • Can we add the OI favicon to WordPress like we see on the Wiki?

Mobile Devices

  • Due to the dark blue color scheme, this menu is hard to see and easily missed.
    • Maybe we should put something on the front page mentioning the mobile menu which is available in the upper left hand corner.
    • Perhaps the color of the 3 bars mobile menu can be changed to white or something?

Other Thoughts (in no particular order)

  • Add some links to the Community > Getting Involved page.
  • #oi-dev IRC chat archives
  • #openindiana IRC chat archives
  • oi-dev mailing list archives
  • openindiana mailing list archives
  • twitter @openindiana

  • Have redirects (mailing lists, illumos links, etc., ) open into a new tab so OI webpage remains open.

  • Move link to WIKI to a more prominent location (e.g. its own first level tab on home page). Wiki is currently listed last under documentation.

  • More frequent updates to Latest News.

  • Community > Security Advisories is misleading.

    • This only leads to page to report problems, not view already reported advisories as the breadcrumbs would suggest.
    • Perhaps we could find a way to make this more clear (e.g. Report security issues)
  • Documentation > Gallery - Lets update the screenshots - should be from Hipster.

  • Remove old pingbacks.

    • They don’t look to offer any real value (e.g. the download page has 68 pingbacks).
  • Blog aggregator

  • Post old OpenSolaris docs (as they are updated)
    • As the books are updated, replace them.
  • Provide PDF and Epub alternatives.

  • Add list of mirrors, torrents, etc., to download page on website.

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