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Latest News

2018-10-23 Hipster October 2018 development release

Congratulations are in order - hipster 2018.10 is now available! Please see the hipster development pages for details.

2018-04-28 Hipster April 2018 development ISO release

Congratulations are in order - hipster 2018.04 is now available! Please see the hipster development pages for details.

2017-10-31 Hipster October 2017 development ISO release

Congratulations are in order - hipster 2017.10 is now available! Please see the hipster development pages for details.

2017-05-02 Hipster April 2017 development ISO release

Congratulations are in order - hipster 2017.04 is now available! Please see the hipster development pages for details.

2016-10-30 Hipster October 2016 development ISO release

Congratulations are in order - hipster 2016.10 is now available! Please see the hipster development pages for details.

2016-04-21 Hipster April 2016 development ISO release

Congratulations are in order - hipster 2016.04 is now available! Please see the hipster development pages for details.

2016-04-19 OpenIndiana Hipster repository location has been changed

The Hipster package repository URL has been changed. The new location is

2015-10-03 - Hipster October 2015 development ISO released

Congratulations are in order - hipster 2015.10 is now available! Please see the hipster development pages for details.

2015-03-31 - Hipster March 2015 development ISO released

Congratulations are in order - hipster 2015.03 is now available! Please see the hipster development pages for details.

2015-01-14 Default Hipster repository has changed

The uri of the default Hipster "" repository has changed from  to

2014-10-12 - Hipster October 2014 development ISO released

Congratulations are in order - hipster 2014.10 is now available! Please see the hipster development pages for details.

2014-07-01 - Hipster July 2014 development ISO released

Happy July 4th week - hipster-20140701 is now available! Please see the hipster development pages for details. 

2014-02-14 - Hipster Feb 2014 development ISO released

Congratulations are in order - hipster 2014.02 is now available! Please see the hipster development pages for details. 

2014-01-18 - oi_151a9 (prestable9) released

Congratulations are in order - oi_151a9 is now available! Please see the oi_151a_prestable9 Release Notes for details. 

2013-08-10 - oi_151a8 (prestable8) released

Congratulations are in order - oi_151a8 is now available! Please see the oi_151a_prestable8 Release Notes for details.

  1. Jul 19, 2011


    How sure it is that may be an error in your copy of the installer when you see "grub>" prompt instead of a menu?
    I try different copies and usb sticks on different machines.
    What if may not be an error in the copy?What's next?
    Is there a posibility to be an error on the installer?

    1. Sep 20, 2012

      I don't know if this helps but I tried loads of things whilst installing oi on a second hdd and found it was there all along. Because it uses some unusual filing system it remained invisible from the other disk and vica versa so neither grub/boot list could view the other disk's files to be able to update the menu. I've no idea if you are in this same boat but oi boots as long as I manually selected the right hard drive to boot from.

      I don't understand how to edit the grub myself and the latest update oi_151a6 wont boot and hangs on my machine, however, I'm happy to use the previous 2 installations.

      PS. I think the guys here are professionals building servers etc ie rather busy.

    2. Aug 30, 2013

      Are you loading via Windows or an empty system? Windows/Linux will show this error if the installer is missing or corrupt.

  2. Aug 25, 2011


    When would we see suport for Intel Z68 and Sandy-Bridge?

    1. Sep 08, 2011


      Sandy Bridge (SNA) requires Xserver >=1.10.4 so that'll be a long while...

  3. Oct 02, 2011


    I think that OpenIndiana oi_151a is released 2011-09-14

    1. Oct 08, 2011

      Thanks for pointing that out. It's fixed now.

      1. Nov 02, 2012

        Thanks for mentioning it: I'd just about given up trying to upgrade but tried one last time, encouraged by your comment. Not only did it upgrade it shutdown, rebooted and opened works great apart from the hanging issue on shutdow, minor issue. Well done everyone on team, it can't be easy especially as some of us are using older machines? or such a variety of machines.

  4. Jul 11, 2012

    Hey guys - I'm new to OI but used Solaris a lot in the past - OI seems to be natural path of progress - as solaris11 seems to be aimed at corporate market etc - plus I don't trust Oracle to much - its all about money ( I'm scared of it (smile) )   . Would you tell me please when is the stable release expected - is it matter of months or rather few years ? thanks. And wish all the best.

    1. Oct 30, 2012

      I don't ever expect a stable release like you get with FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD.  Even though NetBSD and OpenBSD don't have many developers themselves, I think there are even fewer OpenIndiana developers.  It is a shame because I have always liked Solaris and used OpenSolaris from the first release until Oracle canned it.

      What bothers me with OpenIndiana is bugs.  Go to the illumos/OpenIndiana page and there are a few hundred bugs and this one was added 4 days ago:

      Using 'mount' to show mounted filesets (even as a normal user) shows
      the password used for mounting (here in case of samba), whereas
      OSol 2009.06 U7 (support line version) just shows ** in place of
      the password. This is a security problem and should be fixed quickly.

      Hopefully it will get fixed quickly since it is marked "high" priority, but I just don't expect it will.  There is no security officer for OpenIndiana like there is for FreeBSD and NetBSD.  I believe that most bugs are hoped to be fixed upstream by Illumos.

      Time will tell, and I like OpenIndiana features, but bugs like that bother me.

      1. Oct 31, 2012

        That specific bug is now no longer listed as open or closed.  What happened with it?

  5. Oct 29, 2012

    Hi when i tried to access some shares via AFP using Mountain Lion through registered user, i got some error messages.
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: ===============================================================
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: INTERNAL ERROR: Signal 11 in pid 23169 (2.2.2)
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: ===============================================================
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: BACKTRACE: 27 stack frames:
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: #0 /usr/sbin/afpd(netatalk_panic+0×23) [0x4609b4]
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: #1 /usr/sbin/afpd [0x460b87]
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: #2 /usr/sbin/afpd [0x460bd9]
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: #3 /lib/ [0x7fe83bbcef60]
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: #4 /usr/lib/ [0x7fe838de1d80]
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: #5 /usr/lib/×45) [0x7fe838de2f89]
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: #6 /usr/lib/ [0x7fe838ddd242]
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: #7 /usr/lib/ [0x7fe838ddd626]
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: #8 /lib/security/ [0x7fe83842e122]
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: #9 /lib/security/ [0x7fe8384e9af9]
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: #10 /lib/security/×27) [0x7fe838498e71]
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: #11 /lib/security/ [0x7fe83848e3be]
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: #12 /lib/security/×22) [0x7fe83848e411]
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: #13 /lib/security/ [0x7fe8384ba35d]
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: #14 /lib/security/ [0x7fe8384ba65c]
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: #15 /lib/security/ [0x7fe8384944c8]
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: #16 /lib/security/ [0x7fe8383e447e]
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: #17 /lib/ [0x7fe83cb8dc42]
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: #18 /lib/×43) [0x7fe83cb8d523]
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: #19 /usr/lib/netatalk/ [0x7fe83a65cdba]
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: #20 /usr/lib/netatalk/ [0x7fe83a65d10f]
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: #21 /usr/sbin/afpd(afp_logincont+0xa9) [0x41608d]
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: #22 /usr/sbin/afpd(afp_over_dsi+0xa6b) [0x40fe68]
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: #23 /usr/sbin/afpd [0x40dd91]
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: #24 /usr/sbin/afpd(main+0xa85) [0x4323ce]
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: #25 /lib/ [0x7fe83bbbb1a6]
    Oct 17 23:41:44 px6-300d-KZLWIS afpd[23169]: #26 /usr/sbin/afpd [0x40db59]

    My afpd.conf file is

    # default

    - -noddp -uamlist,, -unixcodepage utf8 -maccodepage UTF8-MAC -guestname “operator”

    But when i tried to Access as a Guest, i was able to access the share. Please help me out in fixing this issue.

  6. Nov 01, 2012

    Hello everyone! I'm green hand to use OI. In the past I used linux, so I  used PPPOE. but now I can't Dial-up internet in OI. Thanks for you help!

  7. Feb 13, 2013

    Hi Openindiana team, hats off to you.

    I removed OIa7 from my system and installed centOS which is having similar grub and similar gnome. But wait....

    Remember, I realised today that how easy and fast to configure is openindiana as oompared with linux diestors such as CentOS and others.

    I am unable to see my website in pingdom tools even when I converted my IP to static matching with my router settings in centOS,

    whereas in openindiana it is so smooth and easy. Only One request from me to you, keep on updating drupal, php to 5.3 and apache is ok.Include Owncloud and joomla in your repositories.

    Now owncloud, drupal joomla all these will require php 5.3 and mysql 5.5 in future. So lets upgrade these packages.

    Well, Is yum command applicable in OI??

    Rest is next time.

    Till then c ya.


    1. Mar 31, 2013

      NO, yum only works with Redhat Fedora Core and Cent OS and all derived distros.

      Openindiana has its own package manager. Some other ILLUMOS distributions such as ILLUMIAN and Nexenta Community use apt-get which is debian package tool and is much faster than yum.

  8. Apr 14, 2013

    Thanks Faisal for your comments.

    I would like to share following information with my openindiana brothers and sisters out there.

    The apache2 panel gui is fantastic. There is no such gui administrator for apache such as in oia7 not in any distrubution of linux i have come across.

    However, I still have certain queries as regards to software updation:

    1. How to download userland software in oi and use them. Do I have to compile them.
    2. Can't OI gurus integrate the updated softwares in the OI repositories IPS?? Basically many of the CMS and Web tools now a days require only PHP 5.3 and above. and Mysql 5.1 above. In ubuntu you can downloads latest PHP 5.4, MYSQL 5.5 which are must.
    3. The same is true in case of RUBY on rails.
    4. NAAPIT : It has all the latest AMP but how to use it for OIa7. Please someone tell me.
    5. Now Drupal ver 8 (yet to release), Joomla (ver 3.0 released), and Owncloud ver 5 require the latest in terms of PHP and MYSQL.
    6. gstreamer plugins required for movie player of OIa7 should be included in the IPS.
    7. As all of us know that the opensolaris website is closed down. Howeve, when you enter, the site takes you to oracle site and oracle says that wel come to oracle opensource projects in java. And when you click to Downloads menu item you are taken to oracle solaris 11 download site. Does it mean that oracle is gradually turning the solaris 11.11.11 as opensource. Can someone explain this please??
    8. When you click the projects page, you will find many solaris projects which are opensource. To name a few: a. IPS, b. SMF Dependency graph generator, c. Solaris Desktop, d. Solaris userland. e. Solaris ZFS, f. Solaris zones etc. Does it mena Oracle also encouraging the opensource movement and taking part in it?
    9. Please clear my doubts. I have got all my support to all the OIa7 develepers who are taking out some precious time from their main jobs and working to develop the OIa7 in to stable branch.
    10. Where can I download the desktop version of Illmos OS, or other desktop variant of Storm OS? I can't find even Belenix over there.
      Thanks you OIa7 for providing me a place to communicate and also an apportunity to interact with you all
      A. R. Bakre
  9. May 18, 2013

    Updated my Openindiana a7 on my 64 bit machine. Pentium Dual core.

    Smooth updation.

    Fast shutdown and reboot.

    Remarkable improvement.

    Congrates and keep it up.

    Kindly inform how to donate to OI ??

    Awaiting the release of Martux sxce openindiana.

    When will you make ISO of OI151a8 make available. awaiting eagerly.


    Once again hats off to you.







  10. Jul 02, 2013

    There are indeed updates in OI151a7 from hipster repo.

    However, I still feel that illumos team need to add php5.4, and mysql 5.5. They can also add apache 2.4.

    This will benefit web developers who want to test drupal 8, owncloud 5.5, joomla 3 and all the cms and framework who use php are shifting to php 5.3 to 5.4.

    Any comments???

    Has anybody tried to find that how many users are there in the mother earth who are using OI and are loyalist of OI

    By the way when the OI is going to stop?? So that I may shift to Ubuntu or..... Debian 7.

    Can any one tell me which other OS is using ZFS like OI???



    1. Jul 03, 2013

      You would be better off asking on oi-dev@ or oi-discuss@ because this place is mostly a ghost town.  As you will notice a lot of pages are sometimes a couple of years old.  OI will probably stay around as long as EveryCity hosts the repo, but there won't be any real development as I've told you before.  hipster may be getting rolling updates from Illumos, but that is like a FreeBSD-current and not really dev and it is unstable.

      If you want ZFS then look at FreeBSD which has it in the base, or, SmartOS by Joyent which uses the Illumos kernel.  SmartOS is very active and they have a very, very friendly community with excellent documentation.  SmartOS not only has ZFS but also has Zones, DTrace, SMF, and kvm.  There is also OmniOS from OmniTI which is continuing the OpenSolaris development and they offer support contracts or a free download.  OmniOS also has a newer toolchain that the one in OI.

  11. Jul 03, 2013

    Dear gpatrik,


    Well thanks for valuable info however, please help me with my specific requirement below.

    I do not want stripped down version of Opensolaris, which was the first OS I fell in love.

    I specifically looking for such OS which should have gui preferably gnome, version does not matter much. It should have zones, virtualization, crossbow, I mean all that Opensolaris had. Omni OS and Smart OS are stripped down command live server based OS and for datacenter. What I am looking for should have best of both worlds .... I mean command line as well as GUI.

    Does FreeBSD have it?? Do you have any such OS descending from solaris who matches and are likely to match the above requirements?

    Are there any development in this direction!!!

    I was looking all this in Openindiana but your replies have made me rethink my decision to stick with this OS.

    Well, what do you think of Opensxce?? and are you from one of the teams of OI??

    However, thank you very much for your prompt replies.

    At the moment I am exploring possibilities with Ubuntu 13.04 which I installled yersterday night. And it seems promising but alas it does not have zfs, zones, crossbow and shall never have any of these. But they have large community and so many sponsers and developers.

    Do you think FreeBSD has GUI??

    Enough for now.




    1. Jul 04, 2013


      I'm not trying to discourage you from using OpenIndiana.  It is stable and solid, but the toolchain is outdated and there won't be any new development like ZFS encryption.  At best it will only get updated from Illumos, and when that happens is anyone's guess.  If there are any security fixes they don't get patched.  Trying to do a build (like a FreeBSD buildworld or SmartOS gmake world && gmake live) doesn't exist. 

      FreeBSD would allow you to run Gnome if you wanted, and it does have virtualization with the network in VIMAGE and it does have Jails which are similar to Zones.  I used to run FreeBSD but no longer do.  The FreeBSD community on is large, friendly, and helpful.  I have OI on my laptop and am going to run either SmartOS or OI for my web server platform; I'm still trying to decide.  I have 10 years of Solaris experience so OI is more natural for me than SmartOS.

      OpenSXCE may meet your needs.  I don't have it installed, but it is from Sun's SXCE and uses the old packaging and not the new IPS.

      If OI meets your needs and you don't need an updated kernel or security patches then use it.  Be aware if you want questions answered then do it on oi-discuss@ because you probably won't get any replies here.  As I said before, as long as Joyent and EveryCity host OI it will stay around.  If they ever decided not to then it is anyone's guess what would happen.  And don't expect ZFS encryption or any new feature in OI because it isn't going to happen. has a lot of packages for Solaris and OI that can be installed, so you won't necessarily be without the latest Apache, for example.

      But make your own decision.

  12. Jul 13, 2013

    Dear gpatrick,

    I am please to inform you that OI team are moving in positive direction to bring stable repo for the homo sapiens on the planet earth and it seems that in another couple of months, the OI team may bring rolling stable release of OpenIndiana.

    It shows that we should never have pessimistic thoughts that OI shall remain as it is. You know Mr Patrick that OI is the only second descendent of opensolaris after Solaris express 11 of Oracle and the sole GNOME based distro as on today which is opensource and has full fledged desktop environment.

    However, as regards Apache, it still uses HTTPD which is an old method of apache configuration.

    However, you can still find HTTPD configuration file in CentOS as well. But not in Ubuntu.

    But apart from that apache GUI configuration is so easy that even a novice user like me can configure and upload my site on local server.

    I am doing lot of experimentation with Vanilla, Drupal 7.22, Joomla, Phpbb in OI and all are running fine. This helps me update my files from anywhere on the planet earth wherever there is Net connection.

    Owncloud and EyeOS: cannot be configured except owncloud 3.0 which is partially successfully.

    Currently, what OI require is following updates in dev/ stable repo:

    1. Apache 2.4
    2. php 5.4/ 5.5.
    3. mysql 5.5.
    4. node.js.
    5. Joomla 3.0
    6. Openoffice 3.4.
    7. Drupal 7.22 and 8 also if possible.
    8. latest version of netbeans and java 7.
    9. Vanilla.
    10. phpbb.
    11. Django (Exellent web framework.
    12. Good documentation on web servers, mainly Apache, networking.
    13. Plone.

    Believe me, my dear friends, if you add above in the OIa7 repo, consider it as a full blown development and deployement rock solid stable server and yeah the best server in the world as on today.


    Ajit from India

    N.B. I am sure we would get the sponsor like canonical. If someone can contact canonical team and let them test OI, then they will definitely help.



    1. Jul 16, 2013

      Obviously you joined the oi-dev@ mailing list to read the discussion about the various repos and about a suggested stable release.  However, if you haven't read the discussion lately, it has gone back to keeping /hipster and /dev and making no changes to them and not creating a stable release.

      This has been a systemic problem since OI was founded and continues to exist and probably always will exist. 

      In regards to those changes in your list, they are most certainly not ever going into /dev and would have a better chance of going into /hipster.  If you want them, then ask "as I have said before" on oi-dev because (almost) nobody comes here.

  13. Jul 17, 2013

    I have noticed lately that a couple of ads have been placed as comments in the wiki, and also just today someone changed the link for "recent" to another URL.

    I changed the link back to the correct one, but am unsure what to do if it continues attracting unwelcome content.

  14. Feb 03, 2014

    I tried updating from 151a7 to 151a9 today, and I get the following response and the upgrade fails. What can I do??

    Note: /BE/OI151a9 contains a mounted clone of my current a7 BE, created by beadm create ...


    pfexec pkg -R /BE/OI151a9 update
    Creating Plan /                        
    pkg update: No solution was found to satisfy constraints
    Plan Creation: Package solver has not found a solution to update to latest available versions.
    This may indicate an overly constrained set of packages are installed.
    latest incorporations:
    The following indicates why the system cannot update to the latest version:
      No suitable version of required package pkg://,5.11- found:
        Reject:  pkg://,5.11-
        Reason:  A version for 'incorporate' dependency on pkg:/desktop/virt-manager@0.5.11,5.11- cannot be found

  15. Apr 08, 2014

    Dear Openindiana  lovers and developers, Have you seen the face book page of Oracle Solaris 11??

    Right now I am writing this blog from the Oracle Solaris 11.11.11 Operating system. I can say that there is very little difference between Oracle Solaris 11 and Openindiana provided we upgrade the GNOME and remove small errors such as one following:

    1. During the installation of OI, only once the error text box pops up informing the problem ( I cant recall the details) and installation may go wrong. However, it has been already informed by the OI team to ignore the remark. BUT PLEASE REMOVE IT.
    2. Documentation: We should develop more and more documentation which should be comprehensive and such that any one can get all the information requred to learn the UNIX in solaris way.
    3. OI does not have cloud stack. Basically, operating system is just a plateform to run all kinds of software applications. Hence the gentle request to OI team to provide more and more latest web development tools, and application development tools which will help the software development professional to work on rock solid OS and develop his / her applications faster.
    4. Apache GUI is really greatest thing in OI and Opensolaris. Really great. However, can it be developed and enhanced further??
    5. What about upgrading the SAMP stack to apache 2.4, mysql 5.5 or 5.6 and php to 5.5 and so on.
    6. Please provide more and more CMS and web framework such as Joomla, phpBB, Owncloud and others in OI 151a9 only and not on Hipster.
    7. Off course i dont want to find faults with the team who despite their busy schedule are still working on the OI and every one there appreciate BUT PLEASE LET IT BE KNOWN TO Open Source Linux guys who are churning out version after version every quarterly or half yearly which is not required. However, what is required is availability of more and  more application and web software in the repositories and latest version.
    8. I am planning to request Oracle to provide open source alternative to Solaris 11 just like Red Hat is is giving Fedora and Opensuse.

                                              All the best to OI team.


  16. Apr 08, 2014

    Few more things:

    1. Oracle Solaris 11 is having Firefox 6.0.2 but still the adobe flash player works excellent.
    2. as per Oracle: Solaris 11 is a cloud OS. Kindly inform me as to whether OI is or not. If yes then what are tools in the repo?
  17. Apr 08, 2014

    Hey my dear OI fans, Apache GUI is unable to activate apache local and is going in maintenance status in Solaris 11.11.11.


  18. Apr 08, 2014

    You said the same stuff almost a year ago and you're still at it!  Haven't you realized this "OI team" you speak of probably consists of only a few people, which is probably only 2, 3 ,or 4?

    If you want documentation then write it yourself and help out the OI community.

    If you want the SAMP stack upgrade then upgrade it commit it to help out the OI community.

    If you want more CMS and web frameworks then work and them and commit them to help out the OI community.

    If you see an installation error then fix and commit to help out the OI community.

    If you want the Apache GUI enhanced then upgrade it and commit to help out the OI community.



  19. Apr 09, 2014

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your suggestions.

    I shall really try to do as you suggested and this will enhance my knowledge about the solaris.

    However, do you know that Solaris 11.1 has its source code free to download in two parts and totals of 2.3 gb. You can download it from oracle website.

    if you want i shall download and upload the same for our OI website.

    Kindly suggest.



  20. Apr 09, 2014

    Dear all a good news: I am just talking with Oracle sales person online right now. He says that Oracle Solaris 11.1 is opensource. However. for third party, one needs to purchase the support.

    So lets run both side by side. Oracle Solaris 11.1 and OI 151a9, both are equally good and comparable and running side by side.

    Now oracle 11.2 is being released on 29th April. Lets see whats in store for us.


    Good buy


    1. Apr 09, 2014

      Dude, I think your intentions are good, but everyone knows you can get Solaris from Oracle for little (buy the DVD) or no money, but what you won't get without a support contract is the patches and maintenance.  Also, their license would preclude you from running it in production without purchasing it from them.

    2. Sep 18, 2014

      Oracle sales person should better show you the Solaris 11.1 source then..
      Maybe? (we don't know) they make source availble for some partners (what, where, how - we don't know aether).
      All we know is that Oracle does not release it's source, sice leaked memo prior S11 release and they stopped releasing source during S11Express days (and cut update path from Opensolaris). Yes, S11 source leaked on torrents just after S11 relese, but it is unusable to anyone and dangerous, since no official confirmation is posted about if that is really by Oracle and on CDDL, like it said in files.

  21. Aug 22, 2014

    Dear All,

    Please read following release notes of Opensxce 2014/05

    Adobe flash-player plugin 11.x works
    FF29, TB29, Evolution works now, emacs now ok
    NVIDIA drivers included on x86.
    As announced earlier, Flash plugin.latest (Shockwave Flash 11.2 r202) works as well as on any Sun/Oracle Solaris
     release.It works rock-stable with compatible stream formats that are of its time.
    I fixed something in the kernel, deep down. I did not tweak any loading order in case of Flash.
    On the other hand: If you come across a website using the top-notch latest stream formats (version
     Flash 12.x or 13.x) you may see instabilities, especially when interacting with it (e.g. if you try to rewind,
    skip ahead in the stream, enable or disable fullscreen mode. But this has nothing to deal with the problems that
     were introduced by the Illumos kernel bug. As we don't have Flash sources, I wouldn't even blame Illumos for the
     bug. It is simply an incompatibility, while we may never know wheather it is a bug in Flash 11.x
    (earlier versions worked) or Illumos. It is not a question of blaming somebody.
    And ok, one day in the future I send them the fix. At this time however (Western meddling in Ukraine!)
    I'm in no modd to do so.

    Thus all the above is written by Martin  in the openSXCE release notes.

    Then why on openindiana we cannot do it??

    However, one thing openSXCE lacks and that is it does not install in any of my PC with built in Graphics card. It installs successfully when I add NVIDIa grahpic card to my motherboard.

    However, being openindiana Fan, I request all my developers to work in harmony and when one Martin can develop such a fantastic OS, why you cannot????

    I am confident that you all are working for the best OS and the most secure OS in the world.

    I love openindiana and shall always like it in future.


    Best of Luck.


    1. Sep 18, 2014

      We also have mailing lists (and IRC) that are more active then commenting on Wiki. See if your intiatives for supporting development could be realized together with other people, because: any contribution in any kind is welcome.