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Main Repository:

This repository contains our development branch, where we publish our leading edge work. This repository should be safe to use for early adopters who are comfortable with fixing issues should they arise.

To use it, run:

Encumbered Repository:

This repository contains packages which we can't redistribute in some countries due to patents restrictions. So use it only if you live outside of them (read: not in US).

To use it, run:

 3rd Party Repositories

SFE - spec-files-extra

This repository contains extra packages like LibreOffice and more. See this wiki page

You know about additional 3rd party repositories / IPS packages? Please ask for adding links here.


The following repositories are DEPRECATED and left here only for reference.

Development Repo:

OpenIndiana 151a

OpenSolaris Legacy Repo:

OpenSolaris b134.

  1. Mar 30, 2011


    Can someone write a word about repository?

    Thanks and regards.

    Predrag Zecevic

  2. Mar 31, 2011


    This page seems to be outdated and it would be useful to know what active repositories actually exist and how or and why you might want to use them. Right now I'm using on-nightly but dev-il also exists. I've not seen an on-nightly update in some time so I'm wondering if I should be using dev-il to stay at the bleeding edge (or not). Also, it isn't clear how to transition from one or the other or to do a new install to a particular repository.

    I'm not really in a position to help with development but I can use even the bleeding edge code and report problems as they occur. It isn't much but it is a way I might be able to contribute a little.

  3. May 10, 2011


    I can see that none of the comments and notes have a date stamp on them. This make one wonder if what is being read belongs to a now, or 2 years ago!. I am quite interested in openindiana, but I can see that it looks like itś not growing as it was when pushed by solaris. Maybe these forks are not good ideas?
    anyways... day stamps please!!!

    1. May 11, 2011


      This page (excluding comments) is dated September 22, 2010 which is very early on in the OpenIndiana project. It is certainly out of date and doesn't list the on-nightly or dev-il repositories and does list the illumos repository which as far as I know has never been implemented. I wish somebody in the know would update this page to reflect current reality.

    2. May 24, 2011

      Repo don't change much. I've cleaned up a bit, but haven't published /dev-il except in the comment here, as its extremely dangerous

      The /dev repo is the main tested but not yet stable repo. Its currently what everyone is using, as a stable build is incoming.

      /dev-il is the bleeding edge repo, using it may completely break you OI system. Only use if you accept that risk and want to see / help the OI developers in testing or developer but at high cost.

      The illumos integration repo is now a part of dev-il and will soon be completely standard through dev and stable. on-nightly was prior to the gate closing, so is obsolete.


  4. Sep 20, 2011


    is it "smart" to use this repo (i see no changes, after 151a release)?

    Predrag Zecevic

  5. Oct 12, 2011



    my apologies (wasn't reading previous comment carefully).

    I have question:

    let's say that i am accepting risk of use of repository packages, how can i use it at best?

    Currently I am using:

    pkg publisher -a
    PUBLISHER TYPE STATUS URI (preferred) origin online
    sfe origin online
    sfe-encumbered origin online

    Is it safe to replace /dev with /experimental and keep /sfe* repositories?

    Thanks in advance and best regards.
    Predrag Zecevic

  6. Oct 17, 2011


    I know the experimental repository is bleeding edge and I don't have an account, so I don't know how to report an issue with it. When I try to do an image update using experminetal I get an error on vim. I removed it and got the update done but then trying to get vim back I got an error:

    1. pkg install editor/vim
      Packages to install: 2
      Create boot environment: No
      Create backup boot environment: No

    editor/vim 0/2 1445/1529 7.4/8.6

    Errors were encountered while attempting to retrieve package or file data for
    the requested operation.
    Details follow:

    1: Invalid contentpath usr/share/vim/vim73/autoload/phpcomplete.vim: chash failure: expected: cef6e202aa241427ce1428fc8595db658404b8d8 computed: 15728de23d203cdaefe995ef3c7b514501540d08.
    2: Invalid contentpath usr/share/vim/vim73/autoload/phpcomplete.vim: chash failure: expected: cef6e202aa241427ce1428fc8595db658404b8d8 computed: 6958721aa8e336dfe8d3ec12c9b8a42f148f8be9.
    3: Invalid contentpath usr/share/vim/vim73/autoload/phpcomplete.vim: chash failure: expected: cef6e202aa241427ce1428fc8595db658404b8d8 computed: 7dc08483cc1c44a519cc89bc7d103ddf63d4e359.
    4: Invalid contentpath usr/share/vim/vim73/autoload/phpcomplete.vim: chash failure: expected: cef6e202aa241427ce1428fc8595db658404b8d8 computed: 6aad801f6b52ce7f94adaff37c30f6ba0d54f035.

    I'm guessing that there is something amiss with the repository.

  7. Oct 17, 2011


    Probably best off reporting bugs @

    1. Oct 18, 2011


      The problem was with the "experimental" repository, not sfe.

  8. Feb 29, 2012

    This project is interesting. If you can't update your install,, what good is it for? I've tried over and over again to update,, but no cigar.
    maybe later

  9. Aug 13, 2016

    To be clear the question asked by new users is.....when I update to hipster the IPS UI disappears. This leaves no ISO mechanism to upload repro programs or updates. So what value has hipster got if you cannot update it as a user?