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SFE - spec-files-extra repositrory of build-recipes us updated continuosly. Please see the SVN repository spec-files-extra here.


What is spec-files-extra?

SFE is a repository of RPM-like spec files for building Solaris SVr4 packages from various Open Source software.

You need to compile the packages yourself, or, you can use a binary repository of IPS packages which have already been compiled for you (e.g.


Please note, the activity in this project happens in the SFE spec-files-extra SVN repository.

Currently the "old" wiki pages with a lot of explanations are offline but are online in a read-only-copy here: .

There are public repositories for IPS packages which provide a subset if packages from SFE ready for install, so you save the compile and packaging step.

What versions of Solaris or derivates are supported?

SFE currently supports Oracle Solaris 11 (TM) (12), OpenIndiana (OI151a8 + OI151a9 + Hipster), OmniOS

What tools are required for building SFE?

You will need at least pkgbuild and a compiler. The spec files are tested to work with the Solaris Studio (TM) compiler but most of them should work with gcc too. Some modules require additional build tools. It's advisable that you install the CBE (Common Build Environment) which includes pkgbuild and all tools required to build the packages


How can I build the packages?

Once you installed the CBE, source or env.csh and run pkgtool to build a binary package from a spec file:

. /opt/dtbld/bin/

pkgtool build --download SFEfoo.spec

To add dependencies automatically, use:

pkgtool build --download SFEfoo.spec --autodeps

Note: --autodeps is not completely fool-proof. You may need to install packages from the OS and/or find some spec files by grepping in the repository. This problem is fixed in an experimental version of pkgbuild. Testers are welcome.

One note about systems with IPS packaging System: You need to create repository first, then point pkgtool/pkgbuild to this repository by setting the ENV variable

export PKGBUILD_IPS_SERVER=file:///path/to/repository/

How can I access the spec files?

Subversion access:

svn co spec-files-extra

(this is the new SVN URL as of May 2013)

You can also browse the spec files on sourceforge.


How can I contribute?

There are many ways you can contribute: send patches, file bugs, write new spec files, take ownership of bug categories (i.e. fix bugs files by others), help maintaining the web pages. See the Wiki for more details.

I found a bug / build issue, how can I get help?

Please file a bug. You can send questions, comments, contributions to the SFE-devel mailing list

You can also welcome to contact us on irc: irc://

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