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  • Update your system with a local ONNV build
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This sample below assumes that ONNV 142 was build.
Please assign the correct version number to the SNV variable if you build another version.

Create a local temporary repository to update from

/usr/lib/pkg.depotd -p 10$SNV -d /export/builds/OpenIndiana_b$SNV/onnv-gate/packages/`uname -p`/nightly-nd/repo.redist/ --readonly

beadm create ONNV_$SNV
beadm mount ONNV_$SNV /mnt/x
pkg -R /mnt/x set-publisher --non-sticky
pkg -R /mnt/x uninstall entire

pkg -R /mnt/x set-publisher -P -O http://localhost:10$SNV on-nightly
pkg -R /mnt/x refresh --full
pkg -R /mnt/x image-update -v

beadm umount ONNV_$SNV
beadm activate ONNV_$SNV

Reboot the system

pfexec shutdown -g0 -y -i6

After the reboot login and check if the correct version is used

uname -v

Verify the installed packages

pkg verify system/*
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