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  • napp-it, ready to use NAS SAN storage server with WEB-GUI
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"napp-it All-In-One VM Appliance"

"Napp-it All-In-One VM" is a ready to use and preconfigured distribution based on OI or OmniOS.
with CIFS, NFS, AFP, iSCSI/FC with Comstar and napp-it Web-UI.

It is preconfigured with ESXi 5.5 tools, e1000 and vmxnet3 vnics (without 32 GB RAM Limit but runs on 5.1 as well)
Use ESXI on server hardware with vt-d and a dedicated LSI HBA for your storage VM.
Set your HBA to pass-through

  • Download VM appliance ( )
  • Unzip (prefer 7Zip)
  • Upload the VM to your local datastore (ESXi Filebrowser)
  • Import the VM (use ESXi Filebrowser, right click on .vmx file -> add to inventory)
  • Add your LSI HBAs (ESXi settings, add pci-adapter), requires HBA in pass-through mode
  • Boot VM, login as root (no pw) and enter ifconfig to get serverip adress (needs dhcp)
  • Manage your appliance via browser: http://serverip:81

free for end-users (home and commercial use)

"napp-it to go"

"Napp-it to go" is a ready to use and preconfigured distribution based on OmniOS or OI server or Solaris server.
with CIFS, NFS, AFP, Comstar, XAMPP and napp-it Web-UI

  • Download It (USB Image with Usb cloner and Howto)
  • Clone It (to a fast 16GB USB Stick, I suggest to ZFS mirror this stick)
  • Run it (No Installation, No configuration needed with a DHCP server)

Supported hardware (sample images, napp-it To Go is intended for distributors and inhouse deployment): 

  • HP Microserver (small SoHo, backup and mediaserver)
  • SuperMicro X9 SCL (max 32GB RAM, 2-4 Core 1155, 17W Xeon, Medium size, All-In-One)
  • SuperMicro X9 SRL (max 32GB RAM, 2-6 Core 2011, 17W Xeon, Premiujm size, All-In-One)
  • SuperMicro X9 DRL (max 256GB RAM, 4-12 Core 2011, High End server, All-In-One)

free for end-users (home and commercial use)


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