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Release Date: Jan 16th 2012

This is a minor release while yet another release engineer gets to grips with distro-import!

This is the first release in the prestable line which hopefully will not take too long to become our first stable release.

This release is basically oi_151a with a few tweaks but here are the details:

  • update illumos to 99d763e769c3 which includes resolving the following issues...
  • Sun Studio compiled sic_team (#1542)
  • #1619 Mercurial needs to transition to python2.6 (sfw)
  • Verbose pkg plan patch (pkg)
  • 151 NRLockException fix (pkg)
  • #944 d.o.o #17112 publisher order fix (pkg)
  • xorg fixes - CVE-2011-4028, CVE-2011-4029 (xnv)
  • libxfont bump 1.4.1 to 1.4.4 (xnv)
  • xrdb bump 1.0.6 to 1.0.9 + patch (xnv)
  • freetype bump 2.4.4 to 2.4.8 (xnv)

There will not be any ISOs for this release - they will come in another one or two releases when I look at distro-const.

The repo is available at and for download as a complete repo from

I'll look at getting incremental repos available soon.

  1. Jan 17, 2012



    this wiki is little bit chaotic.
    I would expect to find this info at, not here.

    Discovered just by pure accident.

    Also, you can always add small guide how to use this 'new' repo.

    Here, what i have done:

    1. Set preferred repo
      pfexec pkg set-publisher -P -g
    2. Remove old preferred
      pfexec pkg set-publisher -G
    3. Update
      pfexec pkg refresh --full
      pfexec pkg update -nv
      WARNING: pkg(5) appears to be out of date, and should be updated before
      running update. Please update pkg(5) using 'pfexec pkg install
      pkg:/package/pkg' and then retry the update.
      pfexec pkg install -v pkg:/package/pkg
      pfexec pkg update -n --be-name OI_151.1.1_prestable

    Best regards.

  2. Jan 19, 2012


    Just curious how is it determined which illumos or which openindina bug/issue fixes make it into oi_151a_prestable0.

    Note there seems to be 100 resolved bugs since 10/19/2011 (6 with high priority and 3 with urgent)

    Also refer to questions

    So when and how do fixes in illumos-gate make it into the next ISO spin, or for that matter into a "stable" release?

    1. Jan 27, 2012


      To get Illumos release:

      $ gzgrep -hi illumos /var/adm/messages*
      Jan 17 09:30:54 HOSTNAME genunix: ID 294874 kern.notice ^MOpenIndiana Build oi_151a1 64-bit (illumos 99d763e769c3)
      Dec 23 08:47:24 HOSTNAME genunix: ID 365267 kern.notice ^MOpenIndiana Build oi_151a 64-bit (illumos f342d051b376)
      Dec 8 12:10:29 HOSTNAME genunix: ID 365267 kern.notice ^MOpenIndiana Build oi_151a 64-bit (illumos f342d051b376)


  3. Jan 26, 2012


    is the Apple Lion/SMB fix included

    This is really important for me

    1. Jan 27, 2012


      I can say with 100% certainty that this does include #1718. I (like many others) have been looking for the OI resolution to this nightmare that has been SMB access from Lion. Thankfully I have found it (smile)

      Just follow the directions above (1st comment) but use --be-name oi_151a1 (smile)

      $ uname -a
      SunOS nas-b 5.11 oi_151a1 i86pc i386 i86pc Solaris

  4. Jan 31, 2012


    Okay works great, here is what I did (after I installed form the oi_151a ISO) just the commands that I think are needed (from the first comment above):

    Note I had to drop '-n' fromt he above command to actually make a new BE called oi_151a1 in the final command ) I booted into it (via: init 6).

    When it came back up I was in the 'new' BE with every thing working:

    Here we see that the release before, pkg update --be-name oi_151a1, is 'f342d051b376' and the release after it is '99d763e769c3'.

    Note "f342d051b376" was resolved 2011-09-03 (Bug #1445 illumos-gate), i.e Resolved in r13446 f342d051b376

    Note "99d763e769c3" was resolved 2011-11-29 (Bug #1816 illumos-gate), i.e. Resolved in r13536 99d763e769c3

    Looking at the time stamps in the pkg output I see that a lot of stuff was either built or packaged on Jan 14, 2012, however I am still not sure which bugs from illumos-gate have been fixed.

    I scratch my head a bit on just what bug fixes have been included (after all the intro at the top is pretty terse):

    Example A - Bug #1333

    I am interested in say illumos-gate bug #1333 Resolved in r13533 6c1a51927cbd.    I imagine that r13533 (from #1627 fix) is lower than r13536 (which matched up with the boot message of 99d763e769c3) so this fix is included in prestable0.

    To verify looking at the file changeset on specifically for usr/src/uts/i86pc/io/pcplusmp/apic_timer.c I see that #1333 fix is included.

    Example B - Bug #1627

    I am also interested in say illumos-gate bug #1627 Resolved in r13548 c7b36cdbb672.   I imagine that r13548 (from #1627 fix) is higher than r13536 (which matched up with the boot message of 99d763e769c3) so this fix appears that it is not included in prestable0 (Sandy Bridge issue, will not boot if hyper threading is on).  

    Yet my system booted just fine(odd)? So after poking at the file changeset on specifically for usr/src/uts/common/disp/cmt.c (the impacted file) does not seem to have any update after Aug 16, 2010 so it is NOT included in prestable0.  So the changes that 'broke' hyper threading (after the oi_151a release) and the subsequent change/fix for #1627 that fixed 'hyper threading' on C204 Sandy Bridge chip sets are not included in this release.


    Okay I can did around in and figure out just what stable0 has btu ti does seem to take a bit of effort.

    It seems like there should be an 'easier' way to match a "stable0" pre-release or the final "stable" to the set of applied bug fixes.

    Question #1

    It was indicated that "There will not be any ISOs for this release - they will come in another one or two releases when I look at distro-const." in how many weeks do you think that there will be an ISO (just a loose ETA would be nice) ?

    Question #2

    It was indicated that "There will not be any ISOs for this release - they will come in another one or two releases when I look at distro-const." Lets assume it is a year - will the repo always be present or should I download it myself as a backup ?

  5. Jan 31, 2012


    It appears you can 'spin your own ISO' anytime you want with the "distro_const" technique  e.g. []

    I spun up a stock oi_151a ISO and then applied the following  (as user root):

    The I built my own ISO (follwoing the wiki listed above with a custome XML file) as 'root'

    The resulting ISO took 90 minutes to build (in /rpool/dc/media) was installed and I did the same pkg commands

    The outputs pkg (both info and list) for the 'upgrade' and my newly 'spun' ISO, . OI_PreStable_X86.iso, (which I just built and installed) are identical

    Thus (Note to John Tibble) it looks like 'distro-const' pretty much works "as-is" as long as it points to the proper publisher.  I am pretty stoked about this.

    The above gives me a nice warm fuzzy, my ISO works on many different machines and I don't have to spend extra time doing a "pkg upgrade" - now I am off to figure out how to add the nightly illumos-gate and spin up a "bleeding edge" ISO. 

  6. Feb 05, 2012


    Hot to Set up a pkg repository after download oi_151a_prestable0_repo.tar.bz2?