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Release Date: Feb 13th 2012

Next release with small changes, there were a couple of things that got put back to prestable2 as I didn't want too long between releases.

Changes for prestable1 are:

  • update illumos to fc320b2833d3
  • Fix sic_team linking
    • #1739 certutil with incomplete runpath
  • SFW fixes and bumps
    • Bump mutt to 1.5.21
    • Bump elinks to 0.11.7
    • Bump wireshark to 1.4.11
      • #2001 Update wireshark to 1.4.11
    • Bump tomcat to 6.0.35
    • libxml2 CVE fixes
      • CVE-2011-0216,CVE-2011-1944,CVE-2011-2821
      • CVE-2011-2834,CVE-2011-3905,CVE-2011-3919

A note on bug #2002 - please don't file these, I've said illumos will get bumped each release and asking for it isn't necessary, thanks.

Would be good to get feedback/testing on the version bumps please. Mailing lists are prefered but I will read the comments here (even if I don't get round to replying here).

This release sees the prestable releases merged into the /dev repo after feedback suggested this was both wanted and needed for proper wider testing.

This means the release is now available from, and for download as both complete and incremental (apply to prestable0) repos from

Some points in response to feedback:

  • I list bug numbers here from the OI issue list not any other issue list. Sorry if mercurial tagging/checksums make this hard to match upstream illumos fixes but illumos does one issue per commit which I'm simply not interested in copying verbatim here.
  • ETA on ISOs is hopefully within the next four weeks as I'd like them for the next release.

I've ignored feedback on the requests for process explanations to say it here. The wiki currently isn't in great shape and if anyone wants to help make it better please get in touch on the mailing lists or in the IRC channels so we can turn some of the good information provided by various "Anonymous"s into some decent docs by names who can be given credit. The alternative is to just wait until someone finds some of those illusive tuits!

Jon Tibble

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  1. Anonymous

    updated fine. Great job.
    Many thanks. Switched back to /dev repository:

    pfexec pkg set-publisher -P -g
    pfexec pkg set-publisher -G
    pfexec pkg refresh --full
    pfexec pkg update -v --be-name OI_151a2_dev

    Best regards
    Predrag Zecevic

  2. Anonymous

    are there plans to include an installoption for mirrored disks (like in nexenta)?

    1. At the moment we don't have plans as there is a lot of work to do in other areas, but if this was of particular interest to you we'd certainly welcome someone working on it:

    2. The installer activity can be emulated manually if you use the command-line (in text-mode boot or in SSH boot of the GUI installer, or with an xterm in GUI mode).
      My original problem now was combatting an Intel MFSYS blade server's remote KVM which gives me more problems than help in remote administration. One of the many problems it gave me is that its emulated "Virtual CDROM" (an ISO image passed from my local jKVM applet to the server's BIOS) often fails. So I got the system to boot up and overlay-remounted the same ISO-image file over NFS from the file server, and then the installer components from this "NFS image" - this is a lot faster and more stable. I could probably do even better with an AI install, but wanted to complete the "LiveCD install" for sport now.
      From what I gather, the oi_151a installer mounts some components over loopback from files (on cdrom) and/or paths-over-paths, lays out your disk(s) (star), and then copies the installed image from the CDROM media to your new rpool (this includes "knowledge" of IPS packages installed into the cdrom image). Then the installer applies your customizations (username, networking, hostname, grub menu, zpool settings, etc.) to the rpool copy and reboots.

      (star) This is the point where you can provide your own disk layout, including zpool mirrors or perhaps complicated dataset hierarchy structures, but then you have to do the whole procedure manually with rsync and a text editor.

      For example, on one of my other systems with a flaky single boot disk I manually created an rpool with copies=2 after some inexplicable failures (or explicable when I saw the nonzero CKSUM counts) and zfs-received a copy of a freshly installed rpool from a VM, and applied some of my customizations from a partial backup using rsync over that received copy. It worked, and hasn't failed so far, catching several CKSUMs a month on a single spindle. If I knew the manual installer procedure I'm working out now, I could do this from the start with the livecd installer...

      I posted my step-by-step howto here: Advanced - Manual installation of OpenIndiana from LiveCD media, and hopefully this post can get you started in doing "livecd" setups in ways not catered for by the installer wizards.

  3. Looking at this page I see John Tibble says "ETA on ISOs is hopefully within the next four weeks as I'd like them for the next release" I am curious if this will include another integration of the "upstream illumos fixes" ?

    If so what is the cut-off date for integrating them, the illumos-gate? and would it just be taking the "nightly" on a specific date? (on a personal note I am hopefull that illumos-gate webrev for bugs like will make it into the ISO's)?

    I understand that you "upstream illumos fixes" but if you supply an illumos upstream integration date (or ETA) that might be helpful in planning for the expected new ISO.

    Now assuming that the illumos-gate bug 1439 (Resolved via a 2/19/2012 webrev), or maybe some other key resolved illumos-gate issue will not be included in the prestable2, is there a process to request a back-port to get it into prestable2 for the next ISO spin?

    To answer my own prior question (Feb. 28, 2012) it seems like there was another integration of illumos-gate on Mar. 13, 2012, but it still would be nice to know if there will be another "sync with the upstream gate", I imagine we can always check here and poke around to see if specific update are included (for example I found illumos-gate bug 1439 has been incorperated).

  4. Hi
    Is there a scheduled date for a new release as ISO ?
    And does anybody know, if the current kernel can boot on AMD Fusion c-50 CPU ?


    1. Jan

      While I can't be certain about the AMD Fusion C-50, I'm running on an AMD Fusion E-350, which has a very similar architecture.

      What works: network, SATA3, boot from USB

      What doesn't work: at boot, sometimes the hardware clock is set to 1986 and an error appears about not being able to read the hardware clock

      What wasn't tested: USB3, video card (I run a file server), sound card